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Fashion World: Founders of Beverly Hills Lingerie. SHOP NOW!!! #shop #fashion #style #shop #shopping #clothing #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #lingerie
Fashion World: Founders of Beverly Hills Lingerie. SHOP NOW!!! #shop #fashion #style #shop #shopping #clothing #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #lingerie

Meet the gorgeous sisters and founders of Beverly Hills Lingerie, Celine and Joline. These beauties have impressively launched their own fashion line of ultra sultry bedtime intimates for the modern gal.

Celine and Joline, founded Beverly Hills Lingerie in 2018 with the intention of forging their own path in the ever-evolving streetwear lingerie industry. And they’ve done just that.

Iconic stars like Cher and Madonna set the stage in the fashion world by unabashedly wearing provocative attire that powerfully impacted women’s perception of their own sex appeal.  These innovative designers have sought to preserve the special charm of that sexy style sense, by applying it in today’s pop culture.

“Lingerie as streetwear is a fun and flirty way to toe the risqué and dance around the delicate line of controversial and elegant. It’s too beautiful to only be shown to your date, who likely won’t appreciate the embroidery of a bodysuit or the intricacy of a bondage themed bralette.”

Fashion World: Beverly Hills Lingerie. SHOP NOW!!! #shop #fashion #style #shop #shopping #clothing #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #lingerie


Let’s learn more from this dynamic duo.

Beverly Hills Magazine: Tell us a little bit about yourself…Where you grew up, family, currently living, hobbies, etc?

Celine: I was born and raised in Beverly Hills with my loving parents and sweet sister! I am currently still living in Beverly hills with my family and my hobbies include travel, fashion, social events, people, and all things beauty.

Joline: Born and raised in Beverly Hills but live between my apartment in downtown LA and my childhood home in Trousdale. I’m still a student at USC so I am on this side of town during the week. As a student, I’m very social. I love traveling and working out as well!

Beverly Hills Magazine: How did you get into the fashion industry?

Celine: With my sister being a true fashionista, we decided to commit ourselves to growing a brand. I always held a passion for people, females, and I always dreamt of creating a brand that would cater to all women, making them feel beautiful, confident, free, and bold.

Joline:  I was always fascinated by fashion. I was so obsessed with clothing and styling from a young age. I felt like I had a true eye for design, style, and keeping current with trends.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  Who or what are your inspirations?

Celine: People inspire me. Humanity inspires me. People who hustle hard, create brands, feed their soul, and work until their dreams are a reality inspire me. I am constantly inspired by women who work hard to do it all, and stay vivacious and glowing by doing it!

Joline:  My ultimate inspiration is the sisterhood my sister and I have. Our relationship motivates me to work hard and make Beverly Hills a Lingerie a success. My sister inspires me to wake up every day and work hard to create the reality we’ve always envisioned together. Inner inspiration is the most important quality.

Beverly Hills Magazine:  Tell us about your creative design process?

Celine:  We work closely with designers and follow trends. We like to curate exactly what we would like to buy and wear ourselves!

Joline:  We like creating exactly what the streetwear lingerie market is missing. Stylish, trendy, but affordable bodysuits to pair with jeans, for example, was lacking. I also just love the look of silk and lace together. So sexy!

Fashion World: Beverly Hills Lingerie. SHOP NOW!!! #shop #fashion #style #shop #shopping #clothing #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #lingerie

Beverly Hills Magazine:   What makes your work unique?

Celine:  Our work is unique because we follow the specific trends of millennials, and provide affordable price points to ensure every woman who wants to wear our brand, is able to.

Joline:  We differentiate ourselves from competitors as we also promote the idea of streetwear lingerie. Lingerie is too beautiful to be worn only for a night in! Additionally, our affordable price points expand our audience and addressable customers dramatically.

Beverly Hills Magazine:   What is your signature as a designer?

Celine:  Bodysuits! We are in the age of bodysuits. They are all the buzz. Streetwear lingerie is ALL the buzz.

Joline:  I think in general, our pieces being trendy and stylish along with elegant, classic, and sexy is our signature look.

Beverly Hills Magazine:   What is your favorite item to design?

Celine:  Bralettes! They are effortless, timeless, and the perfect combination of sexy and comfy.

Joline:  On the contrary I love creating cute sleep sets. We have lots more sleepwear coming soon, I’m so excited! I think what you sleep in is just as important as what you go out in.

Beverly Hills Magazine:   What is your definition of style?

Celine:  Confidence. Style is confidence. Being able to feel like you could run the world in whatever outfit you’re in. Bold colors, prints, statement pieces. I love it all.

Joline:  Your personality illustrated by your closet.

Beverly Hills Magazine:   Great answers! What do you believe makes clothing beautiful?

Celine:  The women wearing them!

Joline:  The time, effort, money, and hopefully powerful women behind the design. High end clothing and quality clothing goes under appreciated. I really understand the work that goes into high quality clothing now.

Fashion World: Beverly Hills Lingerie. SHOP NOW!!! #shop #fashion #style #shop #shopping #clothing #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #lingerie

Beverly Hills Magazine:   What can our readers look forward to from your future collection?

Celine:  More of everything THEY want! We have been surveying our customers and we will be giving them what they want, more bralettes and bodysuits!

Joline:  So excited to introduce new colors!

Beverly Hills Magazine:   We’re excited to see what you have in store! Tell us, what advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers out there?

Celine:  Do it! Dream it and just do it. Surround yourself with successful peers, friends, and like minded entrepreneurs. Do your market research and create a brand that fits a need. Grow with trends, scale, and take over!

Joline:  Fashion is such a cluttered and competitive market but find your niche.

Beverly Hills Magazine:   That’s excellent advice! Where can our readers go to become your fan?

Celine:  Our Pop-up shop! We’d love to meet our customers. Also, check out our Instagram @BeverlyHillsLingerie! If you comment we will comment back! We love our direct messages too.

Joline:  We answer all emails and direct messages and love connecting with followers!

Beverly Hills Lingerie is a stylish collection of delicately curated feminine pieces that embrace all the beauty being a woman has to offer. Their business mission is to give a sense of purpose, femininity, and individuality. In Beverly Hills Lingerie you will feel sexy yet elegant, and powerful yet humble.

“Beauty may be dangerous, but lingerie is lethal.”

Shop Beverly Hills Lingerie Today!

Fashion World: Beverly Hills Lingerie. SHOP NOW!!! #shop #fashion #style #shop #shopping #clothing #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #lingerie

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