Great Luxury Kitchen Improvements and Decor

Great Luxury Kitchen Improvements and Decor #homedecor #kitchen #house #home #homeimprovement #interiordesign #decorating #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxury
Great Luxury Kitchen Improvements and Decor #homedecor #kitchen #house #home #homeimprovement #interiordesign #decorating #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxury

For many people, their kitchen is the space where they spend a good part of their day making meals for others – be it their household, friends, family or customers. For many people, merely a well-equipped kitchen is not enough to give them the required motivation. Lately, the trend of integrating kitchen spaces with the living areas, and making it aesthetically appealing have been picking up rapidly, and rightly so. (Image Credit: Aaron Huber)

A visually appealing and nicely done kitchen gives you the right mood uplifting and keeps you motivated. This is important because they say that cooking is also an expression of art and the flavors that you put in your dish come straight from your heart. A happy, joyful cook will always come up with something unique, exciting and delicious and will present it in a beautiful manner.

Decorating your kitchen does not always mean that you should shop from all those fancy decorations from Zara Home and Pottery Barn. You can easily do a lot of self-designing and simple DIY projects and add oomph to your kitchen. Here are some of the fantastic ideas that will enable you to make your kitchen luxurious and aesthetic without spending an arm and a leg.

Great Luxury Kitchen Improvements and Decor #homedecor #kitchen #house #home #homeimprovement #interiordesign #decorating #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxury
Image Credit: Sabrina Mazzeo

Redo the Walls and the Flooring

The structure around your kitchen is one of the most dominating areas, and it is essential that you get it right and change it if need be. You cannot spend your whole life with a basic tiled flooring and plain off-white wall staring in your face.  Adding some aesthetic element or texture, such as a brick wall, marble or wood will completely change how it looks. That being said, it is understandable that most people will not be able to afford such a deep makeover and that too every few years.

Moreover, a large number of people live in rental spaces and spending that much in the structural makeover of a temporary abode does not make any sense. However, thanks to the self-adhesive wall and floor stickers, this is something easily possible today. These are sheets of temporary stickers with any textures that you want, marble granite, wood, brick wall, etc. You can easily paste them and take them off whenever you want without ruining the wall paint.

These stickers are a fantastic option for kitchens in rental spaces. Even if you are living in your own house, it is a great and economical way of designing your kitchen so that you can change it every few months without spending a lot, since the stickers are dirt cheap.

Kitchen Window Curtains

Adding a sheer window curtain to your kitchen window, especially if it is opening in a green space adds to the visual appeal. You do not need to buy expensive curtains from an upholstery shop. A super fun DIY project using flour sack towels will give you a very appealing pair of curtains for your kitchen. Get good quality flour sack towels that have the right kind of softness, thickness, and a neat, seamless finish. You can check out flour sack towels by Mary’s Kitchen as they are amazing for such DIY projects. Although nothing beats white if you have a color theme to follow you can dye your curtains with pastels such as pinks, lime or turquoise and add a screen printed border. Add curtain clips and hang them over a rod. All done.

Fridge Magnets

That is vertically standing metallic giant that you use as a refrigerator and can be a major eyesore for many kitchens, can be turned into a colorful art gallery. A little fun and experimentation here and there and you can set your fridge surface into something that is. This does not mean that you need to buy those expensive luxury magnets in the market. Create fun magnets on your own and go as versatile as you can. Photo magnets, quotations, fridge gardens, timepieces – the possibilities are infinite.

All you need to have is a hot glue gun or a strong adhesive, a magnetic sheet or magnet discs with good holding strength and materials to make magnets. You can use clay tiles, acrylic or glass tiles, jar lids and a thousand other things as a base for your projects. Add a magnet at the back of your artwork and place it on your fridge. Border the fridge frames with complementing washi tapes and cover the handles with fridge door covers. You will have a new artistic fridge in your kitchen.

Great Luxury Kitchen Improvements and Decor #homedecor #kitchen #house #home #homeimprovement #interiordesign #decorating #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #luxury
Image Credit: Jason Leung

Smart Storage Spaces

Shelving and racks are not only great as a wall mounted decoration piece, but also work amazingly well to provide you with the extra storage space. You can create DIY shelving projects using rustic wood, plywood, and chipboard. Polish them or paint them with chalk paint or acrylics and mount them on the wall. Add some Mason jar projects to be used as spice jars to complete the look. You can also use wooden crates and pallets to create some fantastic low-cost shelving projects for your kitchen.

Chalkboard Wall

If you have empty wall space available in your kitchen and you are clueless about what to do with it, turn it into your chalkboard. Having your Menu and Reminder chalkboard in your kitchen is fun. It’s both artistic and practical at the same time. All you have to do is to repaint the board with black chalkboard paint and seal it with a chalkboard friendly sealant. Add sections for weekdays, meals and things to do. You can also post sticky notes on the wall if you feel too lazy to rub and rewrite every day.

Wall Hangings

If you still have more wall spaces left that you want to fill up, make assorted wall hangings for your luxury kitchen. They can be a collection of funny culinary quotes, motivational quotes or simple artistic work. Mixed media is a great option to create simple and easy wall hangings as they do not require a lot of technique and you can experiment according to your budget.

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