Must-Have Items In Every At-Home Bar

Must-Have Items In Every At-Home Bar #mixologist #bar #alcohol #bartender #vodka #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
Must-Have Items In Every At-Home Bar #mixologist #bar #alcohol #bartender #vodka #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Every adult who has ever had guests knows the importance of having a well-stocked, functional bar. From a drop-in visit from family members to a dinner with your boss and associates, being prepared with must-have items ensures a smooth interaction.

Since 1950, Dean Supply has been a leader in the food service industry. The company provides equipment, decorations and janitorial supplies to restaurants and bars, as well as to homes and other residential facilities.

That said, this is the recipe for success from Dean Supply for your at-home bar.

Every Mixologist Starts With A Recipe

It’s always a  good idea to have a mixologist recipe book–even if a member of the household has been a bartender, because a guest may have a unique request. Yes, using a phone to Google it is an option but a book never runs out of service or its battery.

Alcohol For Your At-Home Bar

Stock the following basics:

  • Vodka. A great mixing liquor, vodka is an excellent standby for the at-home bar.
  • Gin. London Dry is probably the one with which we’re most familiar.  It’s very dry and has a heavy juniper-berry taste.
  • Wine. At the very least, a red and a white. A rose is a great additional option but don’t worry too much about ports or other wines.
  • Tequila. Gold tequila is usually preferred for margaritas due to its lower expense but silver tequila tends to be the preference for drinking it straight.
  • Bourbon. An American whiskey, this is used both straight and in classic cocktails. It’s, therefore, a must-have for your bar.
  • Scotch. The Scotch whiskey comes in single and blended versions. While both  are recommended, the single is more essential for the at-home bar.
  • Beer. A nice craft beer or two is always an excellent selection.

Must-Have Items In Every At-Home Bar #mixologist #bar #alcohol #bartender #vodka #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

…Whether For The Kiddoes, A Designated Driver Or A Mixer…

Keep an assortment of sodas, juices and other non-alcoholic beverages that your guests might need. These include: Ginger Ale, Coke, club soda, and Sprite or 7Up.

Juices should include orange, pineapple, cranberry, and tomato. You may want to also have some lemonade on hand, since drinks are often “topped off.”

What Bar Doesn’t Have Snacks?

Standbys like cheese and crackers and peanuts are good ideas but try to upgrade them to nicer versions–maybe some macadamia nuts or a baked camembert with honey and raspberries.

Additional options include pistachios, fancy popcorn, coated pretzels, and more. Of course, veggie and fruit platters are good choices if guests are expected. You may want to have a candy dish if there’ll be kids.


  • Absolutely essential is the Cocktail Shaker Set. When it comes to bar supplies, it’s difficult to make a guest a gin martini, or most drinks, really,  without a shaker set.
  • Selected Bitters. Bitters add a splash of flavor and interest to alcohol. Cherry is a favorite but consider other interesting flavors as well: mint, plum, orange, or even chocolate can make a unique experience.
  • Ice.  Depending on what the host anticipates making, having some ice on hand is strongly recommended.
  • Glasses.  A bar supplies basic, a wide variety of types of glasses is best. But try to have wine, tall, rocks, shot, and martini glasses.

Your bar now houses all the essentials.  Cheers! To a successful party!

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