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Tesla Motors is an electric car manufacturing company based in Silicon-Valley and was founded by the famed South African entrepreneur, Elon Musk. Tesla Motors is famous for its efficient and high performing super cars. Other than the cars Tesla offers electric power train components and lithium-ion battery packs to some of the major auto manufacturers. The Tesla Roadster produced by Tesla is one of the first electric super cars to be sold to civilians. The electric cars designed and manufactured by Tesla are compact, sporty and highly efficient. It is the first electric super dream car manufactured in the world to have range in excess of 200 miles on one charge. Truly an amazing modern marvel this super car showcases the future of automotive sector.

The exterior design of these popular dream cars is compact and modern. The chassis of this dream car is carried over from Lotus Elise. It features a bonded and riveted extruded aluminum monoque. The front features perfectly designed headlamps and the rear features distinct LED lights that truly accentuate its modern and sporty styling. The entire body apart from the bumpers is made of carbon fiber to save weight. It features alloy wheels as standard adding cadence to overall styling.

Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors

The interior is smart and contemporary. Majority of its features are shared with those of Lotus Elise. The dash-board, steering wheel, wind screen and canvas roof all are shared with Elise. It features power train management screen located in the middle of the center console. It also features attractive carbon fiber trim, leather-covered interiors and attractive gear selector. Overall the interior is ergonomically laid out offering excellent driving experience.

The heart of this futuristic car is the 3-phase, 4-pole induction motor capable of producing maximum power of 248 HP and a peak torque of 270 Nm. The electric motor is paired with a BorgWarner single speed, fixed gear box with an electrically activated parking pawl mechanism and a mechanical lubrication pump. The battery-pack or the Energy Storage System (ESS) contains 6831 lithium-ion cells arranged in 11 “sheets” connected in series and each sheet contains 9 “bricks” connected in series and each “brick” contains 69 cells connected in parallel storing energy. The range of this electric dream car is an amazing 220 miles.

Dream Cars: Tesla
Dream Cars: Tesla

The Tesla Roadster is the ultimate in terms of electric dream cars. It has all the necessary ingredients like power, performance, range, economy and most importantly zero emission making it the ultimate electric sports car available in the market. It offers you a chance to enjoy guilt free driving knowing that you are contributing your part in saving the planet along with being economically viable. Tesla Roadster is priced at $ 109,000 making it one of the costliest super electric cars on offer but considering its environment friendly performance and superior ride experience that it offers it is completely worth it. We can see why it is one of the most expensive cars in the electric market today. We love the futuristic innovation produced by Tesla Motors.

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