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Entrepreneur, Inventor, Futurist

Mark B. Barron is the CEO and inventor of CONSUMERON, the first international model to offer the world marketplace a cutting edge of futuristic technology: a personal assistant at the touch of your fingertips, shopping and delivering anything you may need within the hour.

 Mr. Barron is the Baron. He wasn’t born into this role and he’s no noble. He created it. He invented everything that he has with the business man model including a touch of gutsy moves. Mark B. Barron has become: A true modern man, success story and a man of achievement. In this way, he is a noble man- A True Barron.

 He is an entrepreneur, inventor, and futurist. Mark’s newest creation, CONSUMERON, is the only business of its kind and as such, he patented it. Mark holds the patent for the world’s only mobile tele-presence technology that will allow users to have their very own personal assistant hand deliver product orders within 60 minutes. Find out more at www.CONSUMERON.com

How did this technology idea and business opportunity come to Mark? He saw a need. And, he filled it. Mark notes that in this 2013 world of modern technology, we should all be able to have items at the touch of a button. He lists our options as: web ordering like Ebay, Amazon, and Google, or delivery like UPS, FedEx, PostMate or USPS. Personal assistant agencies exist- but so does high turnover. Where then, he asked, was the financially suitable model for high level CEO’s to extract exactly what they need at exactly that moment- quickly, easily, and with technology?

 His business mind began to work. As a world traveler, Mark believes cities like London, Paris, Los Angeles and Manhattan offer the cutting edge OF technology but not the cutting edge of meeting needs. If, for instance, a CEO could have 40 bottles of top shelf champagne delivered for his impromptu workplace party within the hour- would he? He would. The issue is now, could he?

 What are his options? This CEO could drive to the nearest Costco and purchase these bottles at $37 each. Then, drive them back to work. Is this really suitable for a metropolitan lifestyle? Or, he could go to his local market and pay $60 each within the city. Where is the refined and suitable option for the customer meeting his needs at his level?

Mark B. Barron, Futurist
Mark B. Barron, Futurist

Mark’s got it. CONSUMERON owns the patent to offer a mobile assistant, an assistant-minded person traveling in a green-energy car with video technology and smart phones allowing this CEO or customer to choose a selected product, research prices, confirm product, purchase product, and have the product delivered- all through their very own tele-mobile assistant. Like your assistant? Put him or her on your favorites list. Prefer Assistant Sebastian’s choice in luxury items over Assistant Jake’s? Fine. You have visuality on all assistants available for the day and for your needs. Imagine looking at a screen of available assistants for the day and branching them out for each of your needs. Mark has created and patented a mobile shopping platform including the best technology, traveling options, and purchasing competition all through mobile visuality for the client- INCLUDING the client in every choice.

 That’s the difference between CONSUMERON technology and anything else out there that doesn’t match up. Mark’s invented a platform that caters to the e-commerce client. This model uses existing technology and expands the platform, creating jobs and securing the mobile assistant and e-commerce market.

Entrepreneur, Inventor, Futurist
Entrepreneur, Inventor, Futurist

In 10 years, Mark B. Barron will be a very popular name. Up there with the likes of Bill Gates. He’s offering a luxury item to the masses at affordable rates with stellar service. Just like Bill Gates did with the Personal Computer, the “PC.” Now, CONSUMERON will no doubt be the first in this line of mobile tele-presence assistant technology and products offered on the personal level.

 Mark’s been a CEO in the brokering, consulting, inventing, and engineering fields for the last several decades. He’s business to the core. He knows the need for the CONSUMERON product because he is the client. He lives the lifestyle.

Mark believes in the 21st century and is creating this e-commerce model, or remote control shopping with live video, to suit the needs of his industry- which also happens to be the future industry.

 He’s a bit of a maverick. Think Mark Zuckerberg meets Bill Gates meets Mick Jagger. Yes, he’s that cool. Seriously. And on August 14, 2012 he cracked the code for the CONSUMERON patent, No. 8244594, detailing his “method for remote acquisition and detailing of goods.” The patent drawings are insane. This guy’s brilliant. Shortly, the worldwide market will be offered a personal assistant who virtually communicates using the best technology, saving money, giving a choice of product and delivering it to your doorstep. Are you ready?

 The future is here.

By Chelsea Taylor

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