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Designer Previews , the highly personalized, concierge level service that connects clients with world-renowned interior designers and architects has announced that it is expanding the firm’s existing roster of design professionals in New York, The Hamptons and Boston to include Los Angeles and Miami. These markets can explore all their options when it comes to unique and luxury interiors as well as one of a kind architectural design. Based on the deep pool of design professionals in those markets, Designer Previews has launched in Miami and Los Angeles as part of the expansion.

 “I am really thrilled to now represent some extremely talented Los Angeles interior designers and architects in Los Angeles and Miami, since both are cities that have a long standing and formidable design and architecture culture, and their real estate markets are robust,” said Designer Previews President, Donna Paul. “Yet, despite all of the decorating information available on-line, on TV and in print, the process of properly selecting, hiring and working with an interior designer still seems to be a bit of a mystery – not to mention overwhelming – and that’s where my company steps in.”

Luxury Interiors
Luxury Car Showroom, Miami

What is Designer Previews?

 Designer Previews establishes an individual connection with each client by meeting in person and visiting the project, whether it’s a loft in Tribeca, a large home in Malibu or a new eatery in South Beach. From there, Paul shows clients a select group of portfolios from the dozens of designers and architects on a roster of personally-vetted experts ranging from award winning professionals with years of experience to younger, emerging talent whose fresh perspectives will undoubtedly gain recognition as their careers advance.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What are some of today’s most popular design trends?

 Donna Paul: Los Angeles is really setting a lot of the trends today. We’re seeing modern interiors with a warmer ambiance. There is a hybrid of modern and contemporary, with comfort and sophistication in one. People really love it.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What inspired the launch of the company?

 Donna Paul: The company was started 30 years ago by Karen Fisher in 1984. She realized that homeowners needed access to designers and designers needed a platform to reach homeowners seeking professional designers and architects to work with. When Karen passed away I bought the company to continue her legacy and to put my personal touch on it.

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Beach House, Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Magazine: What do you love most about your business?

 Donna Paul: I love it when I discover a new and fresh young designer. I have queries of designers who are seeking representation, and then I take them on as one of my designers I offer to clients.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: Why do clients prefer a liaison like Designer Previews as opposed to working independently to create the home of their dreams?

 Donna Paul: With our company, you have access to a design expert throughout the entire process, and you can really be guided until project completion. Our clients have come to rely on our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly professionals to create the luxury interiors and home of their dreams.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What do you love most about the business?

 Donna Paul: When I’m sitting with a client and we’re making a connection and progress to make their dream come true. For years, I was a design journalist so great listening has become an asset to me in this business. Intuition is vital to make sure I am suggesting the correct and appropriate for the client.

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 Beverly Hills Magazine: Have you discovered your purpose in what you do?

 Donna Paul: I have a sense of pride about offering service. I don’t mind working 7 days a week, or talking to clients at 10pm at night. I feel good about being able to help clients when they need it. People today really appreciate a high level concierge service that suits their lifestyle needs, and it gives me a sense of reward to be able to be there for others.

 Beverly Hills Magazine: What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

 Donna Paul: You have to be willing to work very hard. Success is all about service to others.

 “My clients, many of whom have demanding professional and personal obligations, look to me to answer their questions, to focus them, and bring clarity to the design process,” noted Paul. “Just as important, I also answer many of the questions they don’t know to ask: Will the designer understand my style? Will our personalities mesh? Can this designer work within my time frame and budget? Having a person with industry expertise that they trust is essential. No web-based service can offer that.”

 Designer Previews also advocates for clients by helping to guide them through the often confusing fee structures and proposals.

 Designer Previews currently represents interior designers and architects in New York, TheHamptons, Los Angeles, Miami and Boston. Her designers’ work includes homes ranging from 800 sq. ft. apartments to large estates as well as on commercial projects for iconic brands likeTiffany & Co., Grand Hyatt Hotels, Ferrari, and renowned restaurants, such as Scarpetta in New York, RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, The Wright at the Guggenheim Museum, New York and Comme Ça restaurant in West Hollywood.

 Consultations can be scheduled through or by calling 212.777.2966.

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Chopin Apartment, Rio De Janeiro

 About Donna Paul

Donna Paul has a robust knowledge of the interior design and architectural industries, with a career that includes stints working as both an editorial photographer and home style editor. Prior to taking over Designer Previews, Paul had written on the subject of design interiors for numerous national publications including Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Interior Design, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Robb Report. She also held the post of contributing city editor at Metropolitan Home for more than twenty years, authored The Home Office Book, and taught photography at the Boston Architectural Center.

 About Designer Previews

Founded in 1985 by Karen Fisher, Designer Previews was the first company to offer a personalized matching service between consumers and vetted design professionals. Under new president, industry veteran and former design editor, Donna Paul, the company continues its unique and time-tested approach to offer a highly personalized service and unparalleled access to world-renowned talent. With offices in New York, The Hamptons, Los Angeles, Miami and Boston. Designer Previews offers its services to private individuals as well as hospitality, retail,and commercial clients.

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