Dazzling Sapphire Style

Dazzling Sapphire Style

If you are wondering about the next glam addition to your wardrobe, worry not, as we have got you covered. This dazzling sapphire style is everything you need to glam up your next evening like a dream!

White sleeve shirt and printed skirt

While the shirt is the simplest element of this outfit, the stunning printed skirt is the centre of attraction. The long sleeves not only make this outfit stylish, but the colours of the skirt accentuate the look even further. The shirt makes this look neither too glam nor too simple. It is basic and perfect to accentuate the look of the skirt, perfect for any special outing.

Sapphire Necklace

What can be more stunning than this classic and super-elegant sapphire necklace? It is, for sure, the most marvellous piece of accessory you can pair with this outfit, for more than one reason. Firstly, it gives an edge to the outfit which enhances the elegance of the outfit. Secondly, the sapphire blue colour of it matches so well with the outfit. And thirdly, it makes this outfit a little more bougie.

Blue Purse

This stunning blue purse is a great addition to this outfit, not only because of its colour but also because of its super-sleek style. The blue colour goes perfectly well with all the elements of this outfit. It’s sleek, it’s stylish, it’s handy, and it’s elegant. What more can you ask for?

Sapphire Ring

This elegant sapphire ring is the perfect pair for the necklace. It will make you look like a diva, meant to stand out of the crowd. Again, one of the most elegant elements of this outfit, this ring will give an extra royal-like appeal to your whole look, nothing short of beautiful!

Peach Pump Heels

This marvellous peach pump heel is the perfect addition to this outfit not only because the peach colour matches perfectly with the outfit, but also because it gives this outfit a great edge, making it look even more stylish!

This outfit is a great pick if you want to keep things minimal yet fashionable. The whole colour scheme is really unique. Wear this amazing outfit and notice the heads turning your way!

Gargi Yadav
Gargi Yadav is a professional content and cretaive writer, editor, and literature enthusiast who was born and raised in India.
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