David Arquette To Host A Benefit For Non-Profit Healthy Humor At His Nightclub

David Arquette hosting for Nonprofit Healthy Humor Beverly Hills Magazine #DavidArquette #events #HealthyHumor #BevHillsMag #BeverlyHillsMagazine #BeverlyHills #nonprofit
David Arquette hosting for Nonprofit Healthy Humor At His Nightclub

David Arquette, along with his wife Christina McLarty Arquette is hosting a gala party of the nonprofit, Healthy Humor. The spouses are part of the benefit committee, and the event will take place in their nightclub, Bootys Bellows. Furthermore, it takes place in West Hollywood, where the club is located, on Wednesday, February 22nd, from 6 pm-10 pm.

Expected in the event are of course, live entertainment, fun surprises, food, drinks, and a line of famous celebrities. Among them are Good Girls and Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks, Titanic star Frances Fisher, Comedian Gabriel Iglesias, aka Fluffy, and award winning actress Rosanna Arquette. DJ Benjamin Walker will be in the booth.

Healthy Humor

Healthy Humor Nonprofit Beverly Hills Magazine #DavidArquette #events #HealthyHumor #BevHillsMag #BeverlyHillsMagazine #BeverlyHills #nonprofit

Healthy humor is a non-profit arts organization uses laughter and humor to assist in the healing of sick children and others who are not in good mental and physical condition. Moreover, it is also known as “Healthcare Clowning”. These hired professional clowns understand how damaging the isolation of a hospital environment can be to a person’s mental and emotional state and therefore help reinforce laughter and play to bring back the natural parts of life to children and adults.

There is so much trauma and grief left in the wake of the pandemic. Furthermore, this program hopes to bring more awareness and to raisefunds to ensure that their flagship initiative. Additionally, it is to help those who are hurting the most. Healthy Humor serves over 600,000 kids and families at 15 partner hospitals annually across the country, including Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in Southern California.

Tickets – or the opportunity to make a donation – are available here.  You can read more about Healthy Humor here.
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