3 Home Renovations All Newlywed Couples Should Try

3 Home Renovations All Newlywed Couples Should Try #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #homerenovations #homesafer #makeyourhomecomfortable #comfortablehouse

As a newlywed couple, there’s good reason to be excited about your housing and all it entails. Whether or not this is your first time living together, once the wedding is over, it’s natural that your attention will turn to your home. Make the most out of your new start together by investigating new and fun ways to create a beautiful and comfortable house! Here are a few of the best home renovations you ought to try as a newlywed couple if you want to improve your home efficiently and affordably.

1. Renovating the Bathrooms

One worthwhile home renovations you may want to consider is renovating your bathrooms, in whole or in part. Depending on your lifestyle, you may spend more time in the bathroom than you think. Is it a comfortable place to be? Fortunately, there are all sorts of aspects to change for the better. For instance, one of the elements that you could work on is your bathroom cabinets. Simply painting them or changing their knobs can cause a noticeable improvement. If you choose to paint them, keep in mind the various options at your disposal. According to Houzz, roughly 33% of homeowners like their bathroom cabinet finishes to be white. You can choose whatever color you like, though we recommend choosing one that complements the rest of your bathroom.

Another improvement that you can make to your bathrooms is to try adding or upgrading the storage. If you plan on starting a family while still living in the same home, you should know that your storage needs will change. It’s a great idea to anticipate this change as you can plan for it long before it becomes an issue. While doing this, you could also upgrade leaking taps, showers, and more. This will help make your home comfortable and efficient for you, causing less stress as you navigate your life together.

2. Adding Window Treatments

The third home renovation that you should try as a newlywed couple is adding window treatments. These will serve both functional and aesthetic roles in your home. For instance, according to the National Library of Medicine, a window tint can block 99% of UV rays, which are harmful to you and can degrade your home’s soft finishes and other elements inside your house. If you’re worried about skincare issues, this can also be a great way to keep harmful elements out. As such, it’s an especially good idea to look into window tint for your home’s sun-facing windows.

You could also look into getting aesthetically pleasing draperies and shades for your home. These can help you to keep your house within a comfortable temperature range as long as you close and open them as you need to. Pick colors and finishes that will complement your home’s paint as well as the furniture that you have.

3. Upgrading Your Security

How safe do you feel in your home? If the home that you move into has been around for a while, there’s a good chance that some of its elements are aged, worn, or both. First, make sure that your windows and doors seal properly to keep unwanted elements and visitors outside. Another aspect that’s easy to miss is your garage door. Assuming your door is opened roughly three times per day, it’s expected to last up to 10 years, according to This Old House. After that, it’s best to replace the door for security’s sake. If you can find out how old the garage door of your home is, you’ll have an easier time deciding whether to repair it or replace it in totality.

If you replace it, you’ll have made your home safer and more valuable at the same time. This makes it a good idea for you to check it and do what you need to do early on. You could also work on additional things such as insulating your garage to make it a more livable space.

Be sure to give these home renovations a try with your spouse. It could be a great activity to bond over, and you’ll be able to enjoy a better living space as well. Plan for each project so that you can get it done well and without unnecessary hassle. This will help you ensure that your housing needs are adequately met without breaking the bank.

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