10 Ways To Wear Baseball Caps Stylishly

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Baseball caps would never go out of style. They help make you relaxed and laid back while concealing any bad hair days. As you wear one, you can allow yourself to look stylish. This way, you can treat it as more than just a cap, but a fashion statement. 

Wearing baseball caps is a great way to complement any outfit. You can either have it plain or choose ones with designs on them. It could be a printed logo or embroidered art. If you’re leaning towards embroidery but cannot find the best design, you can learn how to embroider a hat to customize it. Fashion doesn’t end there; it includes how you incorporate it into your clothing. 

Furthermore, listed below are some fashionable ways to wear baseball caps:

  • Use Bright-Colored Caps

Using bright-colored baseball caps would instantly elevate your look. Since most caps come in neutral or soft tones, playing with color can help to make your cap a statement piece. You can pair it with loud and busy patterns for your clothing or let the cap stand on its own by wearing all white or black for your entire outfit. When wearing bright-colored hats with a loud-colored outfit, ensure that you choose colors that complement each other. Going too loud might not be appealing, especially with a contrasting color. For a safe option, you can match your cap’s color with what you’re wearing. 

  • Pair With Awesome Kicks

A pair of sneakers is the best shoe that would go well with your baseball caps. Since baseball caps flaunt a laid-back and comfortable look, comfortable shoes like sneakers would be a great option. This can match your entire outfit and make everything look seamless and beautiful. For a safe option, wearing white kicks would be the best choice. This’ll go well with whichever clothing you wear while giving off a clean and sleek look. 

  • Wear A Coat

If you’re trying to achieve a classy and sophisticated look but still letting yourself feel comfortable, then wearing a coat would be your next best choice. A coat will help to instantly lift your outfit, giving off a slightly formal look. However, if you pair it with a baseball cap, you can tone down the formality and turn it into a fashion piece. You can also wear a trench coat to add more drama to your outfit. And finish this off with a pair of boots to give you the warmth you need. 

  • Go Denim

Matching your baseball cap with denim is a classic look that’ll never go out of style. It doesn’t have to be all denim, but something you can use in a single piece. You can pair it with denim pants or a jacket and let the baseball cap complement its appearance. You can choose a baseball cap with a blue hue for a more seamless look. If you could choose something that has a denim-like color, then the more classic look you’ll achieve.

  • Wear A Single Color

If you’d like to be brave with your baseball cap, you might want to consider wearing a single color for your entire outfit. For example, you can wear a pink cap, shirt, pants, and shoes. While this might seem a bit too adventurous or loud, it’ll surely help you achieve a stylish look with your cap. Ensure that your colors are within the same shade to make everything look organized. It’ll also be helpful if you wear a bag that matches the color you’re going for. It’s the point of the style, anyway. 

  • Accessorize With Sunglasses

If you’re looking for the best accessory that’ll go well with your baseball cap would have to be a pair of sunglasses. This can help to make you look relaxed yet still stylish and a bit private. This is the typical look for those on stakeouts, as it helps hide their identity. But if you wear fashionable glasses with an embroidered baseball cap, it’ll surely help to make you look stylish. Fixing your hair in a high pony or curling the ends will also help to make you look more modern. 

  • Match With A Belt Bag

A great way to look relaxed and laid back would be to match your baseball cap with a belt bag. This can help you save the trouble of looking for the perfect bag as they fit just within your waist. You can wear a good pair of sneakers to complete the look and achieve a sporty vibe. 

When wearing a belt bag, you can match it with your cap’s color or go with a more solid color, such as white or black. This should help to create the perfect balance for your entire outfit, especially since your bag would be a part of your outfit.

  • Be Monochromatic

A simple way to be stylish with your baseball caps would be to be monochromatic with your entire appearance. While it might seem simple, wearing black and white can help your outfit stand out. 

With the number of colors to choose from, staying in simple hues isn’t usual anymore. You can play with various combinations of white and black and let everything complement each other. Ensure that you match your shoes and bags as well. 

  • Wear A Dress

Of course, wearing a dress will help you achieve a stylish look. With a baseball cap, you can balance the softness and femineity of your outfit with something more casual and relaxed. You can pair your dress and baseball cap with sneakers or enclosed shoes to give off a softer finish. You can play with more soothing hues if you’d like to play with the vibe of your outfit. 

  • Stay Classic With A Printed Shirt

A classic look for your baseball cap would be wearing a printed shirt for your outfit. Any baseball cap would go perfectly well with your printed shirt, as they share the same mood and vibe. They look relaxed, casual, and quiet enough. While this may seem too simple, knowing how to wear them stylishly will help you achieve a chic finish. You can tie your shirt or choose a crop top to add depth. 


There are plenty of ways you can keep yourself stylish with a baseball cap. Even if they seem simple and basic, they can help bring any outfit to a new level. 

With the right combination of colors and clothing designs, you can allow your entire outfit to look relaxed, laid back, and cozy at the same time. It’s the best way to stay effortlessly stylish. 

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