Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders 101

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders 101 #health #sleeping #dreams #sweetdreams #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills
Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders 101 #health #sleeping #dreams #sweetdreams #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills

The circadian rhythm of the body is basically a biological clock, which is responsible for regulating the time period of wakefulness as well as tiredness throughout your entire day. The body clock is calibrated with the help of the appearance as well as the disappearance of the natural light within a 24-hour schedule. The circadian rhythm is based on an important part of your brain, which is the hypothalamus. A group of cells, which are referred to as the suprachiasmatic nucleus are connected to the optic nerves, which are capable of sensing the changes in the light of both day as well as night. These cells can also regulate other important body functions, which include the temperature of the body, the pressure of the blood, the heart rate, as well as melatonin release. (Image Credit: Pixabay)

If you are facing any problem with your regular sleeping patterns, chances are that you are suffering from a . Given below are the disorders that you need to know about.

Delayed sleep phase syndrome

A delayed sleep phase syndrome is normally characterized when a particular individual suddenly starts feeling tired at night and hence, he prefers staying up. Even though they go to sleep late, they are still going to require 7 hours of sleep and this is why they prefer rising late every morning. For these kinds of people, the production of melatonin begins after 2 hours in comparison to the people who have a normal sleeping schedule. This syndrome is mostly found in 7% of the teenagers, as stated by

Advanced sleep phase syndrome

This is a common circadian rhythm disorder in which most of the people tend to feel sleepy and hence they prefer going to bed earlier in comparison to the other people. In this case, they are also going to require 7 hours of sleep, and this is why they tend to wake up before everyone else. People who are suffering from this syndrome often complain of morning insomnia, excessive sleepiness during the daytime, as well as insufficient sleep. This syndrome is experienced by the middle-aged people or older people.

Non 24 hours sleep-wake syndrome

People, who have this syndrome, which is also known as free running disorder, have a particular problem, which causes the body to function out of synchronization. These people normally have sleep cycles that are longer than 24 hours and their body clock tend to shift constantly. This syndrome is mostly observed in the blind people. Sighted people frequently go through this syndrome.

Irregular sleep-wake rhythm

This rhythm is known to occur in those people who do not have a proper sleep-wake cycle. For these kinds of people, there is no regular sleeping pattern or nap time. Also, the duration of the sleep varies on a regular basis.


These kinds of disorders are responsible for interfering with the sleeping patterns. There is nothing to worry though as you can visit your physician in order to get your circadian rhythm sleep disorder treated.

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