Celebrities Who Have Mental Health Issues

#Celebrities Who Have Mental Health Issues #health #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth
#Celebrities Who Have Mental Health Issues #health #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth

The state of mental health across the entire nation seems to have declined since the last 2 decades. This subject has been touched upon by many organizations, including the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) as they call one of the harsh truths of mental illness. Reports reveal that the suicide rates per 100,000 people have shot up to a 30 year high. Different sorts of disorders like substance abuse disorders, especially the use of opiates, has become a total epidemic. In fact, the US Department of Veterans Affairs is struggling hard to keep up with the increase in PTSD cases, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Though there are ways to seek professional help through sites like this, where you can get counseling information about addictions and other mental health issues, it seems we cannot rely on people to clean up their own act. Therefore, there is an urgent need to reduce the instances of illness by way of organizations, government and even celebrities.

With so much talk regarding mental health disorders, an increasingly large number of famous people are joining the conversation to speak about the ways in which mental illness has set an impact on their lives. The death of Heath Ledger, the beloved Joker star in the Batman movie, brought this mental health topic to the forefront several years ago. Ever since, it has become more evident that celebrities are talking openly about mental health. Here are some famous people who have contributed to bettering the overall state of mental health.

#1: Kristen Bell

She was one of the leading ladies of Hollywood but if you delve into her personal life, you’ll know that she has been battling with anxiety and depression for a long time. But she didn’t ever hesitate to speak about it in public. She wrote her own essays regarding the experiences with the mental health issues and her words shattered the stigma that was associated with mental health illness. Depression and anxiety are obstacles to achievements.

#2: Catherine Zeta Jones

If you have seen The Mask of Zorro, you can never forget the Oscar-winning performance of Catherine Zeta Jones. But you will be rather sad to know that she was also diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. She has been in for treatment for a long time and apparently she seems to be fit enough to maintain her well-being. She quickly understood that awareness and maintenance of her mental health helps, and hence she hasn’t ever been shy to speak about bipolar disorder.

#3: Demi Lovato

Have you heard of the famous pop singer or the former Disney Channel actress, Demi Lovato? She has always been struggling with mental illness since her childhood. She had suicidal thoughts by the age of 7 and as a teen, she also started experiencing eating disorders and drug abuse. Lovato has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she too has never shied away of speaking about mental illnesses.

As you can see, there are no shortage of celebrities who have suffered from mental illnesses and who have never shied away from speaking about their sufferings.  There is no reason to hide in fear anymore. If you’re someone struggling with mental health issues you can get support now at ThriveTalk.com.

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