Top Diamond Jewelry Settings For The Perfect Ring

Top Diamond Jewelry Settings For The Perfect Ring #diamonds #jewelry #rings #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag
Top Diamond Jewelry Settings For The Perfect Ring #diamonds #jewelry #rings #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag

Look closely at these exquisite diamond rings at, and you’ll notice that the rocks are set on the rings in different ways. If you are not familiar with diamond jewelry settings, you may be surprised to find out that there are more than 10 different ways that artisans secure diamonds onto the base metal of the jewelry. (Image Credit: Jose Martinez)

Each setting, from the simple to the more complex, give the diamond jewelry pieces different looks and characters. Choosing from the different settings may be a bit intimidating, especially for the uninitiated who are looking to give the diamond jewelry as a gift. The following is a lowdown on the top diamond jewelry settings that you need to familiarize yourself with to ensure that your investment makes the perfect gift for its recipient.

1. Prong

The prong is easily the most common and most recognizable diamond setting, particularly for single stone jewelry for women such as engagement rings. This ring features small claws, which can either be four or six prongs that hold the center diamond in place. For fancy shape diamonds, the claws may take on a “V” shape as protection for the pointed angles of the stone. This diamond setting exposes the gemstone the most, which means that it allows for maximum jewelry scintillation. Some feel, however, that it is not the most secure setting, although it usually is, and it might snag on something as the wearer goes about his or her regular activities.

2. Bezel

For those who want a more secure setting for their diamond, the bezel is one of the best ways to go. As its name implies, this diamond setting features a metal border, which is usually the base metal that secures the gemstone firmly into the design. The border gives the jewelry piece a modern look, and it is best for those who have an active lifestyle. One drawback of this design is that it hides part of the diamond that somewhat reduces its brilliance.

3. Swiss

The Swiss setting, which others may refer to as flush or gypsy setting, is yet another popular design in engagement rings, particularly in men’s hardware. With this setting, the gemstone sits snugly within a hole that is drilled into the band. This design is very secure, and it protects the diamond from chipping, snagging and from falling out. Just like the bezel though, this setting hides part of the diamond thereby reducing its visibility and sparkle.

4. Tension

With this setting, the diamond appears suspended securely between two shafts of the base metal. Securing the diamond further into place are invisible grooves between the shafts where the gemstone settles snugly into place. Tension settings give the jewelry a modern appeal and, likewise, it exposes a good part of the gemstone thereby giving it more brilliance.

5. Cathedral

Just like a cathedral, this setting highlights the main attraction of the jewelry by setting the diamond onto arches. This gives the gemstone an appearance of being larger while adding elegance to the overall look of the ring. The diamond may be held in place by prong, bezel or tension settings on top of the arches. Depending on the design, this setting may or may not maximize the brilliance of the diamond.

There are other diamond settings such as halo, pavé, channel, Tiffany, cluster and vintage. However, the five settings above should provide a good introduction for those with limited knowledge in jewelry. Apart from diamond settings, you should address other considerations prior to purchasing diamond engagement rings.  This includes the proverbial 4Cs namely carat weight, cut, color and clarity.

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