Top Fashion Trends For 2019

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If you are the type of person who loves fashion, you probably enjoy trying out new things regularly and keeping yourself posted on the latest trends that are circulating in the industry. With 2019 just starting, you are probably wondering what looks will become more popular and what clothing elements will be preferred by all your favorite fashion influencers. People in the industry are already talking about what’s in this year and learning a few insights on the topic might help you upgrade your wardrobe and keep up with the influences that are trending this season. You can stand out anywhere you go, as long as you know a few fashion secrets, and the following pointers will help you on the matter. (Image Credit: Pixabay)

Statement hats – the preferred accessory of 2019

You probably know already how important accessorizing actually is for an on-point look, and while some elements remain just as popular this year as the years before, it seems like 2019 focuses now more than ever on statement hats. Oversized hats aren’t that easy to incorporate in just any outfit, but if chosen accordingly, you can transform a dull outfit into one that truly takes your sense of style to new heights. It was the Jacquemus La Bomba hat, which stole the spotlight last year, that influenced numerous brands to design their own oversized hats for 2019. Take a look over some of the models available and make sure you get a few of your own to complete your chic outfits in a trendy way.


Board shorts and cycling shorts have been spotted in numerous 2019 collections, so you can clearly say they are one of this year’s favorite elements. If you like showing your legs off, you will certainly love combining the right pairs of shorts with a wide range of other clothing items. As inspired by Chanel’s collection you can easily add to a pair of cycling shorts designed out of a satin-like material an oversized jacket in the same color tone and have yourself a catwalk-worthy outfit. You will be able to see the latest designs of shorts when browsing through various popular online stores. Add a few properly-chosen shorts to your wardrobe and dare to play around with this fashion item.

Sunshine and wine shades

Each year comes with a variety of color tones that are most preferred in the fashion industry, and it looks like in 2019, the shades most brands have targeted are warm rusty reds. Mixing and blending together shades of beautiful wine colors with orange and other sunshine nuances will make your outfits suitable for this season, and you will certainly love the visual effect created when looking in the mirror. From Versace and Valentino to Balenciaga and Dior, you will see all important designers have joined in on the hunt for the perfect wine and sunshine colors. While you don’t have to limit all of your outfits to these shades, you need to have a few elements in those tones in your closet.

Fringes are back

While fringes were quite popular some time ago in 2019 fringing will become a favorite trend, coming as an addition to last year’s western –inspired trend that promoted the wearing of cowboy boots. Whether it’s a skirt or a jacket, any item that has beautiful fringes incorporated will make a safe fashionable choice this year.

Top Fashion Trends For 2019 #fashion #style #flats #runwayfashion #beverlyhills #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #fashiontrendsIt’s all about flats!

While heels haven’t been a necessity for fashionable outfits for a long time now, being easily replaced by flats and sneaker in many ensembles, it seems like 2019 focuses on making flats even more popular, targeting more stylish and fancy designs. If you take a look at the outfits presented by some of the most influential designers, such as Simone Rocha or Valentino, you will see that their models have walked the catwalk in comfortable footwear, a wide variety of fancy flats being used in their shows. So you no longer have to put on an uncomfortable pair of heels to complete an elegant outfit, you can easily go for the right pair of flats and you will still be stylish for the said event. If you don’t already own the right types of shoes, it’s certainly the right time to refresh your footwear collection and add some flats with appealing designs.

Waterproof jackets

Designers have thought about everything this year, and have managed to take into account not only aesthetics but functionality as well. You can be prepared for unforeseen weather changes at all times, while still being a fashion inspiration if you choose to add to your wardrobe one of the chic waterproofs that are trending this year. Coming in bright colors, such as yellow and electric blue, waterproof jackets will be more than something you wear for practicality, but a statement piece on their own. Just take a look at Marc Jacobs suggestion in this department, and you’ll certainly fall in love.

Oversized shoulders

Statement, large shoulders have been a thing for a long time, but this year’s trends focus on a puffier design approach, as you will be able to notice in some brands’ collections. If you like to make a statement through your choice of outfits, then you’ll certainly enjoy incorporating some elements in your look that come with puffy, oversized shoulders. By wearing a piece of this kind, you certainly cannot walk by unnoticed.

Fashion is ever-changing, and while some things remain a classic, new trends emerge on the regular, and 2019 comes with quite a few noticeable movements. If you want to keep your style in-check, and your outfits fresh and up to date, being aware of what 2019 has in store in this department will be necessary. Give the suggestions above some of your attention, and start trying out different looks this season. Fashion gives you the chance to play around with versatile elements, and to use your imagination in the creation of stunning attires, so make bold choices.

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