Best River Tubing Travel Destinations

Best River Tubing Destinations #Travel
Best River Tubing Destinations #Travel

River tubing has developed into a very popular outdoor activity, and with summer just around the corner, most people cannot wait to get wet partaking in this aquatic adventure. As a relaxing or even exciting outdoor activity (depending on why you are out there), thrill seekers, sun seekers, pleasure seekers and water sports enthusiasts travel far and wide to get the best river tubing destinations. The plan is to enhance the experience, have fun and make it as memorable as it can be. Since no river flows with the same thrust or is bordered by the same banks every river you river tube at will definitely give you a unique experience. Here are 5 amazing river tubing travel destinations with wonderful riverbank sceneries for your river tubing desires.

  1. Comal River, Texas, USA

This phenomenon of clear moving water is quite the recreational site for the residents of this part of Southern US. At depths of 1 to 8 feet, the Comal River is a popular summer tubing spot for residents of Texas and visitors from the outer state. One of the reasons for its vast popularity is the river’s clean water which makes it an appealing outdoor destination for families including children.

The Comal River also appeals for family summer time due to its low force thrust which allows for a more; lazy, relaxing kind of river tubing. Not forgetting the beautiful scenery that is its bordering banks.

  1. Kauai, Hawaii, USA

The Kauai stretches through the spectacular Lihue plantation giving you a beautiful vegetated view as it takes you on a tour through some of Hawaii’s most picturesque views including Mount Waialeale and the gorgeous Pacific Coastline. This vast phenomenon of water stretches into the Pacific Ocean at Wailua Bay with several streams feeding into this river. However, only the Wailua stream is navigable since the rest lead to waterfalls which can be dangerous for river tubing. Nonetheless, river tubing can be quite fun when you river tube earlier during the day when the winds are low, but for the more daring thrill seekers then a later river tubing expedition will expose you to rougher waters.

  1. Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Now, this is one river tubing destination that will definitely become an unforgettable experience. The Waitomo Caves not only have a rich tourism and cultural history but also has a bewildering geological structure. That is a stream that flows into a hole in the ground as the name Waitomo translates. By river tubing, through this oddity of nature, you get to float over small waterfalls, through limestone caves lit by glow-worms to get an experience of a lifetime. The caves stream is narrow but wide enough to adequately let through a well-sized river float tube.

  1. White River, Jamaica

You must visit the White River Valley during your tour in Jamaica to experience its mild rapids, tropical landscape, and refreshing clear water. The lush and evergreen tropical vegetation combined with the gently flowing water creates a serene kind of adventure, filled with peace and relaxation.

  1. Ayung River, Bali

The Ayung River gives you a different kind of river tubing adventure, one full of exhilarating rough streams, hidden small waterfalls, and splash challenges with aquatic maneuvers. With the right river float tube which you can find at, the three-hour adventure also gives you a lush jungle scenery, accompanied by exotic wildlife amidst the wild water adventure.

Summer is almost here, and all you want to do is to have fun outdoors. If river tubing is your kind of outdoor fun, then hopefully you have some insight that will help you get that fun.

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