Aging with Fabulous Beauty

Aging with Fabulous Beauty
Aging with Fabulous Beauty

This is the year for excellent personal fitness! More of us than ever are pushing our physical boundaries and making healthier lifestyle choices. We have never been more obsessed with our body shapes and physical beauty. We want to look slim and toned, but we also want to be fit, healthy and energetic. Out go the fad diets, and in come 4 exercise classes per week and home gyms. But what of our faces? While we are spending all our time and money on fitness, what needs to change about how we look after the most important part of our overall appearance? How can we ensure that while we’re aging we stay fit with fabulous beauty? ( Image by Charles Norfleet / 

Our face is the first thing most people notice about us. It is true that exercise will change the quality of our facial appearance as dramatically as our diet does. Whether it changes in a good way or not depends on a number of factors. Fat stores typically occur in our thighs and buttocks for women and tummies for guys. The tell-tale signs of aging, like the fat deposits causing droopy eyelids can only be improved with eyelid surgery. Other signs of aging like wrinkles don’t disappear because we have become marathon runners. If you hate them enough, you will need cosmetic surgery to improve them.

Aging is a fact of life, and we cannot escape it no matter how fit we are. It tells mostly on our faces. Keeping the effects of aging from the rest of our body requires an excellent diet and a good level of exercise. Hop Healthy and fit people can appear younger than they are though. Posture is improved, and movement is more fluid if you are fit. Your circulation is likely to be better too, so you will have a better complexion than someone the same age who is not fit. Most importantly, you will have vitality, energy and the life force of someone who is fit and healthy. That’s the key to staying young and beautiful. True beauty is within and it radiates from your inner energy. Hollywood celebrities like Demi Moore and Kim Basinger have proved that you can still be breathtakingly beautiful while aging. (Image by MJ Photos /

True Beauty Has No Age.

Our faces will always be an indicator of our age without cosmetic surgery or great makeup skills. But we can make the aging process a more pleasurable one by keeping as fit and healthy as we possibly can. What we put into our bodies really does show on the outside. However, it is important to remember that environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, and how much we squint or smile also play a part in how our faces will look as we age. Our faces can certainly tell our life stories sometimes!

Cosmetic surgery is certainly something even the fittest of celebrities swear by to ensure they look great on camera. It is so accessible these days that there is little stopping you from booking yourself in for a procedure either. The fitter and healthier you are, the shorter the downtime and the quicker you heal after any procedure. There are many different procedures, so it is always best to ask the advice of your surgeon which ones suit you best. In the meantime, keep fit and keep healthy and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Jacqueline Maddison
Jacqueline Maddison is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beverly Hills Magazine. She believes in shining light on the best of the best in life. She welcomes you into the world of the rich and famous with the ultimate luxury lifestyle.
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