7 Destinations to Enjoy Water Sports

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When people think about exercise, their minds tend to go to things like jogging, callisthenics, or weightlifting. However, there are many other forms of exercise that you can do to stay in shape, some of which are actually quite enjoyable. One very enjoyable (and beneficial) type of exercise is water sports. Under the water sports umbrella, there are many different sports, from kayaking to surfing, and even swimming.

However, you need access to large bodies of water in order to be able to perform most water sports. This, therefore, means that some places are better for trying them out than others. This post will tell you about seven such locations.


Dubai is a very popular tourist destination, known for its incredible mall, luxurious hotels, and gourmet restaurants. Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf and has some incredible beaches. According to the experts at jetskidubairental.com, hiring a jet ski is one of the city’s best water sports experiences. You can also take jet ski tours since many of the city’s most important buildings and sites can be seen from the coast. You can also go swimming, kayaking, rowing, and sailing in Dubai.


Oxford is an English city, located in Oxfordshire. You might be surprised to see Oxford featured after Dubai on a list of the world’s best water sports destinations, but Oxford is actually known internationally for its rowing team. It has some of Britain’s best sections of the river. The Thames runs directly through Oxford city centre. There are various rental agencies dotted along the river, where you can hire a boat.  In addition to being able to hire a rowing boat and go out on it alone, you can also pay for professional lessons, or even for a boat tour.


London, like Oxford, is famous for its rowing teams.  It is common to find London’s various university rowing teams going up and down the Thames, right next to the Houses of Parliament. If you are planning on going to London to go rowing you should be aware that the Thames is very deep and very wide in London. If you are not a strong swimmer, then it is a bad idea to attempt to go rowing in London (or really to do any kind of water sport anywhere). Make sure you learn to swim before taking up water sports, or at least get a life jacket.


Florida is one of America’s warmest and most pleasant states, most famous for its many beaches. If you enjoy kayaking, then there aren’t many places better in the U.S. to go than Florida. However, Florida does experience bad weather (usually in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms) because of its geographic location.  If you are not experiencing kayaking, then there are many guides and classes that you can attend in the state. Another water sport that’s quite popular in Florida is fishing. You can find various fishing charter companies located there.


California is famous all over the world for its surfing community. People visit California each year to experience its incredible beaches and ride its waves. If you have never been surfing before (or it’s a sport you are interested in) then you should consider visiting California. Out of all of this list’s sports suggestions, surfing is the most dangerous if you aren’t a strong swimmer. You should never attempt to go surfboarding if you can’t swim. You are almost guaranteed to be thrown off of your board when you are going surfing. If you are a strong swimmer, then consider taking surfboarding classes, too.


Capri, Italy, is one of the world’s most popular sailing destinations. It is worth noting though, sailing is an expensive hobby. You will either have to buy a boat or charter one. If you are on a budget then you should probably skip this step.  Chartering a bareboat can be extremely expensive. Also, in order to be able to rent one, you have to have some existing experience sailing. If you have no experience, then no company is going to rent a boat to you. Capri is also famous for its great weather and delicious food.

Lake Como

Lake Como in Italy is a popular place for swimmers, and for people who want to relax. The area’s weather is great, the lake is incredible, and there are lots of hotels situated around it. If you enjoy swimming, then Lake Como is perhaps this list’s best suggestion.

Water sports are a great way to build muscle, stay in shape, and improve your physical fitness. If you want to try out new forms of exercise, then why not give one of the sports listed here a go?

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