5 Signs That Tell You Someone Is Trustworthy 

5 Signs That Tell You Someone Is Trustworthy  #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #feelcomfortable #trustworthy #personalproblems
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Not everyone is trustworthy or has our best interests at heart. This is something many of us have learned the hard way. This can apply to a friend, business, or someone you’ve just met.

If you’re wondering whether someone’s trustworthy, we can help. Here are five signs to consider.

1. Do they listen to your concerns?

If you’re voicing a concern to someone that’s trustworthy, they’ll listen.

For example, you may be talking to a friend about a difficult situation you’re going through. If they’re on their phone or changing the subject, they likely don’t have your best interest at heart. This is a sign this individual doesn’t value your feelings and is probably not the most trustworthy.

The same goes for a business. If you’re voicing a concern to them and their solution is to put you on hold until a representative is available, it may be best to work with someone else. Many companies have implemented a call routing center to prevent this from being the case. This ensures clients are being assisted efficiently and in a timely manner.

2. Do they follow through with promises?

There’s zero trust when promises aren’t kept. If someone tells you they’ll do something, you have no reason to think they won’t do it. That’s until they let you down and don’t follow through with their promise. This is a clear sign that someone isn’t trustworthy.

The same goes for individuals that share other people’s secrets. If you’re being told a secret about someone else, chances are that individual’s telling others about your secrets too. It’s important to establish boundaries with people and end toxic relationships whether it’s with a friend, relative, or business.

3. Do you feel comfortable expressing yourself?

When trust is developed, you feel comfortable saying what’s on your mind. Feeling comfortable around someone is a good sign they’re trustworthy. However, you still want to keep the other signs on this list in mind.

Further, if you have a personal problem but are hesitant to open up to that individual, ask yourself why. Perhaps your gut is telling you they can’t be trusted. Listen to your instincts and get to know the individual better before you open up to them.

4. How would you describe this person?

What would you say if someone asked you to describe an individual or company?

For example, if you purchase a product online and give the company that sold it to you a five-star review, this is a sign they’re trustworthy and delivered the product advertised online. If a friend asks for a letter of recommendation, and you have no problem writing one, this is also a good sign.

Asking yourself, “how would I describe this person” is a great way to learn if you’d consider them someone you can trust.

5. Do they respect your time?

How many times have you been on time for a date, only to find yourself waiting 30 minutes for the other person to show up? Someone who is trustworthy will always be mindful of someone else’s time; they won’t cancel last minute or arrive 15 minutes late to every outing.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when you can trust someone is tough. We all wish the people surrounding us would be their authentic selves 24/7, but this is hardly the case.

By asking yourself the five questions above, you’ll be able to determine whether someone is trustworthy. If they show red flags, it’s best to spend your energy elsewhere. If they listen to you, follow through, make you feel comfortable, and respect your time, these are all good signs they’re someone worth keeping around.

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