5 Signs You Have a Mental Disorder

Beverly Hills Magazine 5 Signs You Have A mental Disorder
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In a world where mental health disorders seem to be the order of the day, how do you know the signs so you can seek help?

Mental health disorders’ symptoms are clear cut. All you have to do is to connect the dots and draw the patterns. 

  • How often do you experience this?
  • Do you know what triggers you?
  • How do you control the triggers?

If you can answer one of the above questions, then you are on to something. 

Importantly, let’s talk about the signs. 

1. Persistent Sadness That Span Multiple Days

Do you feel sad without any concrete reason to be? Overwhelming sadness that stops you from carrying on with your life, excessive crying without cause. This may be a symptom of depression.

2. Uncontrolled Urges or Impulses

You engage in activities that you don’t think through. Some of these activities may cause harm to you and others or go against societal laws e.g out of control impulse to spend, urge to steal e.t.c 

3. Anxiety

Are you are very anxious, or you get worried over the slightest things. Your anxiety might or might not come with physical signs such as trembling, sweating, nausea, headaches. 

4. Premenstrual Symptoms

Sadness, irritability, anxiety, mood swings that come before your menstruations and leave after. If you’ve noticed this consistently for a few months, it’s a sign of a mental disorder called premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

5. Weight Changes

You eat less and lose drastic weight; binge eat and/or induce vomiting to reduce the calories you take in, or you are overly concerned with your weight, unsatisfied with your body image and signs. 

Please note this list contains pointers for you to seek professional help but not for self-diagnosis. These pointers are to help you determine if you need professional help such as counseling/therapy through BetterHelp or inpatient eating disorder treatment from Clementine.

However, do not ignore mental health disorders’ signs no matter how normal they seem.

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