5 Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid


Taking on the responsibility of planning an important event, such as a corporate celebration or a wedding? If it’s your first time, you may be nervous about making costly errors along the way. Where do you even start? And how can you ensure that the entire planning phase runs smoothly from start to finish? To help you thrive in your new role, here is a list of the five most common event planning mistakes to avoid. (Image Credit: Teemu Paananen/Unsplash)

Neglecting to Set a Budget Beforehand

The various services relating to events, from the catering to the entertainment, can prove extremely expensive when added up together. This is why it’s essential that you sit down and calculate a strict budget before you even start requesting quotes. Being well aware of your financial limitations will drive you to find better deals and will prevent you from getting your hopes up only to discover later on that your vision is completely implausible in light of the resources that you have available.

Forgetting to Give Guests Enough Notice

People’s schedules tend to fill up rather quickly, particularly during spring and summertime and at the end of the year, which is peak event season. Therefore, you will need to send them invitations, or a ‘save the date’ notification, several months in advance if you want to increase the likelihood of their attendance.

Only Hiring a Photographer

One of the most important aspects of an event is ensuring that you are well equipped to capture the many magical moments and memories as they unfold. While you will certainly need a photographer on hand, a few basic photographs usually won’t be enough. This is why it is always worthwhile to consider hiring a company specializing in video productions to capture some stunning video footage, too.

You can benefit tremendously from video footage if the event in question is a wedding or is corporate in nature. In the latter instance, the event footage can be used to craft promotional material to entice people to attend your next event or to promote your company on its website or social media pages.

Trying to Save Money in the Wrong Places

There are certain areas where you can afford to spend less, and other areas where you will be taking a massive risk if you opt to cut costs! For example, while you can probably get away with renting out a smaller venue if you also decide to whittle down the guest list, subpar entertainment or poor-quality food won’t go down well with those in attendance. Another example would be choosing not to hire an event organizer even though you’re unsure about how to plan your event. Keep in mind that it is always better to cut down on quantity than it is to reduce quality.

Rushing the Process

The process of planning an event is one that should take place over the course of a few months — not a few weeks or days! Not only can rushing lead to more mistakes, but the chances of being able to book your first choice in terms of venue, entertainment, and other service providers will also be greatly lessened.

Here’s to planning a memorable event without a hitch! Good luck.

Hannah Foreman
Hannah Jaehnig is a professional freelance creative writer. She has been writing professionally since 2014 and writing for entertainment for much longer! She has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in History. She hopes to one day publish a fiction book. In the meantime, she’ll write about fashion!
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