How To Take Care Of Jewellery

How To Take Care Of Jewellery #jewelry #silver #necklace #jewels #gemstones #jewellery #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
How To Take Care Of Jewellery #jewelry #silver #necklace #jewels #gemstones #jewellery #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

Are you afraid of inadvertently damaging or tarnishing your favorite jewellery? Everyone has that special piece of jewelry that they would like to keep for eternity. It could be an expensive gift, a sentimental piece or that necklace that they keep for special occasions. (Image Credit: Apostolos Vamvouras /Unsplash)

However, most jewellery can break or tarnish over time if not well-taken care of. For instance, some coated silver and gold pieces are so fragile that they lose their color with oxidation. Others like necklaces tend to get entangled, broken up or discolored. Worse still, you could end up losing a delicate piece such as pendants or attached gemstones.

How do you protect your precious jewellery? Here are five practical tips for you as shared by jewellery experts

Wearing Them Safely

As a rule of thumb, you should be wearing your jewellery after dressing and taking them off just before undressing. You don’t want your precious necklace or earring to be entangled with your dress as you put it on. It’s incredible how many people break or drop their jewellery as they undress after a long day at work or from a night out.

Storing Them Properly

Never keep metallic pieces in an open closet, in your handbag or a box that can allows moisture inside. Instead, you should find an airtight jewellery box or drawer and lock them safely inside. You can put some chalk or silica in the box to get rid of trapped moisture. This will keep the metallic pieces from oxidation and discoloration over time. Also, consider getting anti-tarnish storage paper and wrap the most valuable pieces with it before storage.

Still on storage, any jewelry you travel with or carry in your handbag should be kept in a separate compartment away from abrasive material or lotions, and other skin products. If your bag doesn’t have compartments, then a Ziplock bag will come in handy. In fact, buy a Ziplock bag for your most valuable jewellery- e.g. designer silver jewellery– and carry it whenever you are on the go.

Lotion and Other Chemical Products

Some lotions and skin products can tarnish designer silver jewellery. For instance, acidic lotions and hair products can corrode metal pieces made of silver or coated with gold. If you can’t avoid the lotions and other skin/hair products, then make sure you clean your jewellery with a dry microfiber cloth when you remove them for storage.

Still on skincare and hair products, you are advised to wear your jewellery after you are done with applying makeup, skin and hair products. This will prevent too product getting onto jewelry and making it oily or moisturized.

Remove Them While Engaged in Physical Activity

So many people spoil, lose or break their jewelry of they forget to remove them when they are doing some exercise. Any activity that involves rapid body movements such as running, rock climbing, hiking etc. should be done without jewellery on your body. At the same time, you shouldn’t wash dishes, do laundry or cook with jewellery still on your body.

Cleaning Them Properly

Using the wrong cleaning agent on your jewellery could end up spoiling it or tarnishing its natural appearance. Some people use vinegar, dishwashing soap and other products to clean their jewellery. However, it’s important to check which product works with which and how to clean and dry each piece.

Alternatively, you could take your jewelry to a local cleaning company if you are in doubt about the agents or method you can use to clean them. Professional jewellery cleaners use a series of brushes, polishing cloth, steam and ultrasonic cleaners depending on the type of metal or precious stone on your jewellery.

All in all, you should always be careful how you handle precious jewellery right from the time you purchase them to the time you wear them and store them. Some pieces are just too valuable to be lost or destroyed. These practical tips will come in handy if you are interested in keeping them safe and as good as new for longer.

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