5 Beauty Products For The Down To Earth Woman

5 Beauty Products For The Down To Earth Woman #beauty #beautyproducts #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #beautiful #holiday #giftguide
5 Beauty Products For The Down To Earth Woman #beauty #beautyproducts #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #beautiful #holiday #giftguide

Beauty in 2018 isn’t just about looking good. Women are busy and they care that their beauty products are good for them too. Do you have a down to earth women on your holiday gift list?

This holiday gift guide will help you find the perfect beauty products for any down to earth woman. These 5 gifts are simple products that deliver the perfect feeling of self-care.

  1. Pure Placid Cashmere Hand and Body Lotion

Winter weather brings dry skin. Give the lady in your life the gift of a warm cashmere sweater, in the form of Pure Placid’s Hand and Body Lotion in Cashmere Sweater scent.

Down to earth women want beauty that’s simple. The most basic beauty starts with healthy, hydrated skin. Pure Placid is dedicated to delivering decadent scents derived from all natural ingredients.

Founder, Marcy Miller, elaborates, “As important as the ingredients we use are all other parts of the product. A big part of that is the packaging. We use glass bottles, both beautiful and environmentally friendly… We also use post-consumer recycled plastic. Believe it or not, a lot of today’s packaging is toxic.”

Cashmere Sweater is a blend of vanilla, jasmine, and sandalwood that feels like the coziest embrace from nature.

  1. Mario Badescu Facial Spray

The Mario Basescu Facial Spray is an Amazon top seller for many great reasons. This refreshing blend of rose water and aloe feels like a kiss from heaven for your face.

The sweet smelling facial spray can be used to seal makeup, refresh makeup, or hydrate dry winter skin.

5 Beauty Products For The Down To Earth Woman  #beauty #beautyproducts #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #beautiful #holiday #giftguide

  1. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

When it comes to low maintenance and down to earth women, it doesn’t get much simpler than water. Garnier”s SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water is sensitive skin’s dream.

Unlike sudsing, soap-based cleansers, Micellar Cleansing Water using a delicate balance of purified water and micelle molecules to remove dirt, makeup, and impurities from the skin. There is no fragrance, no oil, and no alcohol.

  1. Earth Tu Face Protect and Heal Whole Body Skin Stick

One stick, the entire body. Earth Tu Face Protect and Heal Whole Body Skin Stick is an all natural hydration balm that comes in a convenient stick form for all your delicate parts. It’s safe to use on your face, your lips, and anywhere your body needs added moisture.

  1. Boomstick Trio

The Boomstick Trio from Boom! by Cindy Joseph is the ideal gift set for a low maintenance makeup wearer. These 3 sticks hydrate, color, and illuminate the skin’s natural beauty. The sticks are perfect for all skin colors and all skin types. Great for the woman in your life who is not into hauling around an overflowing makeup bag and likes to embrace her natural beauty.

No need to stress about what to get that down to earth woman in your life. With the fantastic products on the Holiday Gift Guide 2018, you can’t go wrong.

Jacqueline Maddison
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