4 Reasons To Book A Stay In A Vacation Rental

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If you’re considering types of accommodation for your next vacation, you are pretty much spoiled for choice.

You could choose a luxury hotel, stay in a tent, or book a room on a cruise ship. These are just a few examples, but you are bound to find a plethora of options, no matter which vacation spots you have a preference for. 

But for the context of this article, we are thinking about vacation rentals. 

These aren’t to be confused with timeshares, which are notoriously expensive and only worth considering if you intend to stay in the same place year after year. They are also difficult to resell, although timeshare exit companies can certainly help in that regard. 

Vacation rentals are intended for short-term use only and are ideal for vacations, romantic getaways, and family weekends away. There are all kinds of reasons why you should consider this type of vacation accommodation, and we detail some of them below. 

#1: You can opt for something less than traditional

Vacation homes come in all shapes and sizes and include houses, condos, cabins, and chalets. However, you can also book a stay in something against the norm, such as stacked shipping containers, lighthouses, tiny homes, and any of these unique vacation rentals. So, if you’re looking for something a little (or a lot) different than what you are used to, know that your options are nearly endless. 

#2: You can stay anywhere in the world

Admittedly, you can book a hotel almost anywhere in the world and pitch your tent too. But continuing with the theme of staying in accommodation a little different, there are all kinds of unique choices open to you around the globe. Netflix subscribers might already understand this if they binge-watched ‘World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals,’ but if you didn’t catch the series, there is an article here covering some of the accommodation from the show. The article includes a massive houseboat in San Francisco and a lighthouse in Alaska, but watch the show if you want further ideas of where to stay.

#3: You have more space to relax in

While some vacation rentals are decidedly small, such as the hobbit homes that are popular with Tolkein fans, there are those that offer plenty of space to move around. As they essentially offer home-from-home experiences (unless you decide to stay in a lighthouse), you have all the space you can expect for yourself and your family. This means room for you, room for your kids, and even room for your pets. The same can’t be said of hotel rooms that don’t offer a great deal of space, so if you want to balance privacy with social time, choose a vacation rental. 

#4: You can save money

Vacation rentals vary in price so depending on where you want to stay, you might have to pay more than you would for a hotel room. However, rental costs are typically less so it pays to shop around. You will also have a kitchen to cook in so you won’t have to pay for a lot of meals out. You won’t have to incur the cost of hotel dining costs either. And you will have lots of space to chill out and socialize in, so you won’t need to spend lots of money at local bars or other types of meeting places. 

These are just a few reasons why you might want to consider a vacation rental the next time you’re planning on getting away for a few days. So, if you’re bored of hotel rooms and if camping isn’t for you, research the accommodation types in the destination you are planning to visit. 

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