Gifts for Your Aunt Who’s a Jewelry Enthusiast

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Aunts are exactly like our mothers – but more fun. Won’t you agree? There’s no denying that they’re the funniest, easiest, and most fabulous women in the house. You can be your most authentic selves in their presence, share your deepest secrets, get instant approval or trust them to have your back in any situation. They’re the coolest blood relation one can have to share endless deep conversations, chill, and shop around with. In honor of their special day, it’s time for you to give back, and what better way to swoon a woman than some sparkle and a piece of jewelry or bling? 

Take this opportunity to celebrate her birthday and the special bond that you both share with some meaningful jewelry pieces. If your aunt’s a hoarder of great jewelry pieces, then you’ll have to try harder than choosing layered metal chains or oversized hoops. To help you search for the perfect gift, we have compiled a list of meaningful jewelry articles that’ll surely take away her breath. Want to find out? Then let’s take a look:

  1. Shungite Earrings

Shungite earrings are perfect to wear day and night; their shiny, black surface gives it a unique texture and quality – unlike most other precious stones. The benefits of wearing Shungite are several – one can shield themselves from EMFs through mobiles and headphones. Wearing the earrings also helps to heal the upper-body chakras and balance the body’s energy flow. Your aunt will surely be thrilled to wear the unique design with daywear and formal wear. The finishing in high-quality platinum will prevent the earrings from tarnishing over time, so she can cherish her new favorite piece of accessories for years to come. If you want to go overboard with your present, and your budget allows it, you can even combine the earrings with a pendant so that your aunt can get overall protection from negative energies in the outer world. 

  1. Jade Necklace

You can gift your aunt a Jade necklace surrounded by brilliant cut-stones. Jade is a powerful stone, which has the qualities to protect a person from ill spirits and energies. The stone can also absorb the person’s negative energies and help them attract happiness and harmony. The signature color of Jade is green, even though you may find it in various tones – such as white, yellow, red, grey, and more. However, the green Jadeite was worshiped in Chinese culture for many years and is still found in various intricate shapes and forms, complete in a high-matte finish. The classic layered jade necklace merges tradition with modernity which will make your aunt love it even more! Jade jewelry is for those who enjoy the minimal sparkle and softer tones – the luminous green gemstone offers a unique glow, which is equally enchanting as that of a diamond’s sparkle.

  1. Personalized Rings

If you want to find the ultimate present that will bring tears to your aunt’s eye, then there’s nothing better than a customized gift. White pendants and earrings may seem a bit obvious, but personalized rings are the perfect accessory that your aunt can easily style with most of her clothes. You can choose to write a phrase or a word that’s personal to you both or simply engrave her name in your handwriting. This way, every time she looks at it, it’ll remind her of the precious memories shared by the two of you and bring a smile to her face. Along with the personal engraving, you can choose a beautiful ring encrusted with delicate gemstones or diamonds to show her how special she is to you. 

  1. White Diamond Necklace 

The White Diamond necklace is accented with sizable round diamond pieces, with their alluring translucent milky texture gives the design a unique and refreshing look. The dazzling stones entwined in a white-gold finish give it a stunning look finished in a chain-link design. It’s a versatile design that will capture the attention of others in a room and represent the uniqueness of your wonderful aunt. You may even opt to add some beautiful charms encrusted with colorful gems to give it a delicate yet high-polished look.

  1. Tanzanite Earrings

The Tanzanite earrings are accented with a one-of-a-kind jewel that is surrounded by delicate diamond pieces, making it a signature piece that can be worn alone. The stone is known to inhibit certain health properties, enabling inner peace and tranquility in a person’s mind/body. Wearing it may even calm the person in a messy situation, so your aunt will get more from these stunning pairs than just sparkle. The earrings offer the freedom to wear little and still make a statement, courtesy of the sparkly violet-blue gemstone that almost resembles the richness of a Sapphire, only at a much reasonable price. 

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