3 Strength Exercises Every Woman Should Do

3 Strength Exercises Every Woman Should Do
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Fitness is a journey of a lifetime. Irrespective of age, body type, or lifestyle, maintaining regular fitness contributes to better physical and mental health. It is even more important for women as they are prone to several conditions, especially those pertaining to the reproductive system and the regular hormonal changes associated with menstrual cycles. Additionally, childbirth and its complications also affect the body which makes it essential for women to take extra care of their fitness. Include regular workout, massages and alignment treatment for a trained female chiropractor specializing in the female body to help improve fitness in the long run. (Image Credit: StockSnap/Pixabay)

With busy work schedules and other engagements, it is often difficult for modern women to dedicate a set time for working out or hitting the gym. Dedicating fifteen minutes to half an hour to do these exercises will help women maintain their fitness and enhance strength. Here are some basic strength training exercises which can be done by every woman.

Squat Exercises

If you want a perfect butt and toned legs, squats are the best to improve your lower body strength. To take your fitness to the next level there are various types of squats, such as air squats, dumbbell squats, kettlebell squats which you can do to effectively train particular parts of the body. Squats are particularly good for your pelvic muscles without putting excess pressure on your joints. Even women who are pregnant or recovering from pregnancy, with their doctor’s permission can do squats to improve their pelvic health to make labor or healing easier. It also helps improve the digestive system and circulation. By improving the strength of your leg muscles, squats also offer you the stamina to walk or stand longer, which in turn, can be incorporated into your fitness regime.


When it comes to building ab strength planks are the best exercises that you can do. Regular planks will not only help you get the perfect chiseled abs, it will also improve your muscle strength immensely. This helps reduce the frequency and intensity of cramps. Women who have done their planks regularly over the year have a lesser chance of damage to muscles during delivery as well as a speedier regaining of their ab muscle tone post pregnancy. They help improve core strength, improve posture and reduce back pain. Stretching the body during planks also improves flexibility greatly. You can add a little more challenge to your planks by changing the point of support to your elbows, lifting your legs or arms, one by one or simply by increasing the hold time.

Pull ups

Pull ups are extremely effective in improving your overall upper body strength. They help tone your arms, back and chest muscles, thereby preventing the sagging of breasts. Pull ups are highly effective in improving back pains, healing injuries and building core strength. You can also modify your pull ups with horizontal or bar hang, flexed muscles or even take it a notch higher with resistance and weights. This can help you focus on particular muscles and improve the strength of your joints. It also regulates your breathing and improves stamina. It is a great exercise for women who are trying to regain their lung capacity after quitting smoking. You can initiate yourself by using a lat pulldown bar. The weight used is controlled, and you will get better enough to use your body weight.

Make it a point to take out a little bit of time out of your busy schedule to improve fitness. Not only will this improve physical health, it will also help your mental health, sharpness and concentration. Overall fitness is crucial for a longer and healthier life as well as to delay the onset of geriatric and degenerative diseases.

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