3 Perfect Cars to Match Your Style at Brunch

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Each person on this planet has their own choices and preferences, and they certainly are on different points of the wealth spectrum. For most people, buying a car is about getting their hands on a necessity that helps them get to point A to B. Then there are those for whom it is a hobby and they are enthusiastic enough to buy cars as an investment.

But then let’s move to the other end of the wealth spectrum. These people wear watches worth more than a bachelor’s apartment. For them, buying cars is part of their status, that’s right, their drive is a part of their status symbol. If you are an A-list celebrity, good luck showing up on your Civic while the rest of your friends are rolling up in X7s.

You care about your style and would want that to happen, but fortunately, there are cars out there like the 2020 Ferrari Roma, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, and the Bentley Continental GT Convertible which ensure that you show your bling whether you are showing up at the golf club of at the Sunday brunch.

2020 Ferrari Roma

Let’s start with the all-new model which is the latest eye candy in Ferrari’s portfolio. This ‘Prancing Horse’ on wheels oozes style from every angle; which is not a surprise considering the grand tourer takes its styling inspirations from some of the company’s most which is the reason for the timeless styling it possesses.

The car is named after the capital city of Rome and it comes out of the company’s Maranello headquarters. Don’t let the sheet metal on the outside fool you as they give the 50s and 60s vibe, the hardware underneath the skin can embarrass any modern grand tourer.

All this performance is the result of a 612-hp turbocharged V8 and it does not just create performance but beauty; that beauty is in the form of pure exhaust sounds. That is not the only modern bit under the skin, the components are lightweight and a myriad of dynamic systems help the performance be more usable and engaging.

There are some gripes you might have with the performance of this car; the steering effort required is weirdly lighter than expected, and the automatic gearbox is a bit too eager to shift up which is not what you want in a $222,000 performance car.

A drop-top version in the portfolio would have spiced things quite a lot more. The interiors though have plenty of things to love about, they are surprisingly practical for a Ferrari. The 2020 Ferrari Roma is the car to get if you want a Ferrari that looks drop-dead gorgeous but at the same time is great at cruising and racing.

2020 Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Maybe you want something more luxurious, and maybe being able to keep the roof down would be nice. Spend just a little bit more, and you are looking at the Bentley Continental GT Convertible. This car is the true modern definition of the modern Grant Tourer, and it comes with options.

You can choose to get the hardtop if the soft top is not your thing, but the more difficult choice you have to make is between the sonorous V8 or silken V12, each engine has its strengths and flaws. But the Continental is one of those cars that makes you feel like a celebrity in every outing, and that is the point of all this discussion, right?

So what do you get after forking out nearly $236,000 from your celebrity bank balance? You start off with genuine wood, fine leather, and all manner of modern connectivity features that you expect from a modern automobile. However, the car really shines when you are out in it on the road, that is where it gets to show off its power and it will surely impress you with its balance between athleticism and comfort.

The point about celebrity bank balance, the price tag of the car doesn’t seem to justify what it offers, then there is the fact that the options keep on getting expensive as you add them to your car. both the power train guzzle gas at an alarming rate so not a pleasant thing if you live in a place where fuel stations are less.

The car has its desirable traits in the exterior styling which is gorgeous, the cabin is posh and when you are rolling, the cabin is impressively balanced. It becomes pretty much impossible to beat the Bentley Continental GT Convertible in luxury, elegance, power, and road presence for a two-door grand tourer.

2020 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Maybe the above-mentioned two cars still don’t cut it for you; you want something more, something extra and it does not matter if you have to pay nearly $90,000 more. The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera then should check all your boxes; it is a luxury sports car with style to spare.

The last word in the name means “superlight” in Italian, but it is more than just that. A fire-breathing 715-hp V12 engine sits under the sculpted hood of the car and enables the car to reach a top speed of 211 mph. What’s impressive is that the car will also feel enjoyable when you are driving at a fourth of that pace. You will not be too fond of the handling of this car, as it will encourage you to slow down before you change directions.

On that point, the steering feel is too heavy, and the brakes of the car are difficult to modulate. It’s a shame for a car that can reach some serious speeds; it is actually challenging to drive the car fast. So why should you spend nearly $320,000 on it then, because it looks great, sounds great, and goes like hell, at least on the sprints.

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is in essence a big car, a two-door grand tourer that has plenty of power but cannot match the sharp handling of the supercars which cost just as much.

The sensible among you might have gone for the 2020 Ferrari Roma in the first place, but like mentioned at the start of this discussion, different people have different tastes and for someone who wants to add a stylish statement piece to their iron stable, one of these cars might just be it.

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