3 Hobbies to Take Up During Addiction Recovery

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Our society often stigmatizes addiction, but in actuality, itis a deeply serious disease that ought to be treated as such. Additionally, the addiction recovery process should be acknowledged with weight equal to any other illness’s rehabilitation period.
It’s a common suggestestion that those in recovery find hobbies to ground themselves and set time aside for pleasure. Rehabilitation can be challenging—overcoming addiction, having to endure questions like “is addiction a choice,” and ultimately redefining your own life. That’s why we compiled a list of the best activities to consider during addiction recovery.


Gardening is perhaps the most effective activity you could partake in to ensure a triumphant recovery because it requires similar values—patience, persistence, and care. These virtues guarantee plants will grow strong and healthy, and are the same virtues that aid your healing after addiction.
You must be free of judgment when tending after your plants and stay only aware of how well they’re doing and what you may need to supplement if there’s anything they lack. Plants need direct sunlight, frequent hydration, and some regular tender love and care—just like you!
Furthermore, gardening is a beautifully creative endeavor, an aspect that most people often overlook. The layout of your garden and your plants’ placement can significantly alter your space. You can even decorate your plants’ pots, which brings us to our next point.


Painting is famously one of the most calming pastimes—it allows you to work with colors and create beautiful works of art while still containing a physical element that gets you in touch with your body. Additionally, just like any artistic endeavor, painting is an endeavor with very low stakes. You don’t need to worry about it looking perfect or being complete in a specific time frame. A painting can be exactly what you want it to be or a complete experiment.
Setting time aside to play music, put on a television show for background noise, or paint in silence is a great way to reunite yourself with your body, and beauty. What’s more is after a painting is complete, you can hang it around your home and further endow your space with your new creation.


What is a more significant expression of love than cooking or baking for someone—especially yourself? While both cooking and baking share connotations of compassion and comfort, baking is an especially creative outlet due to the nature of desserts. You can make cakes, cupcakes, brownies, pastries, or any other kind of delicacy and then decorate it afterward. Once you get some recipes under your belt you can start really having fun.
Additionally, these dishes are usually made in larger quantities than they can be eaten in one sitting. This means one night of baking can last you for several nights of after-dinner snacking. What could be better than indulging in your desserts in the evenings?
Baking for others is also a common sign of gratitude or love. You can use your creations as offerings for friends or family who you want to connect with further.

Last Thoughts

Recovery is ultimately about putting your health first and reconnecting with your space, support systems, body, and self. Addiction is a life-altering illness that can severely compromise your health, safety, and happiness, and overcoming the disease requires persistence, confidence, and stability.
Many people in addiction recovery have curated newfound self-expression through hobbies during their rehabilitation period. Whether you find it in gardening, painting, baking, or something else entirely, prioritizing your happiness and comfort is integral to successful rehabilitation.
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