10 Original Baby Gift Ideas

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Drafting up and settling with baby gift ideas is not a walk in the park for most of us. It all goes without saying that making decisions about what best to gift a baby is not only based on the gender of the baby but many other factors determine what best suits as the perfect gift for the bundle of joy. Whether it’s baby girl clothes or baby boys accessories or toys. Are you in search of a gift ‘out of the box’ for the wonderful new parents in your life? Then relax and take a seat because these unique gifts will have the parents drunk in laughter or overwhelmed in sheer delight.

Baby toys

Depending on the age or gender of the baby, baby toys are the perfect gift for any child which can keep them happy, busy, and satisfied. Baby toys play a key role in the growth of your child emotionally as they get to explore their toys during play. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, playground equipment, including a playhouse, outdoor swing has as much impact on a child’s development. Swinging is not only for child’s entertainment — it has several physical benefits that can help them grow and develop! It’s also an excellent way for kids to get outside the exercise their bodies and their brains need.

Car seat baby wrap/Nursing cover

New moms find this convenient when it comes to nursing the baby or moving around with ease and comfort with the baby. Most of the nursing covers for babies are made of stretchable fabric which makes it easy for any mom to nurse her young one from the car seat.

Baby Bibs

Parenting facts: You can never have enough bibs. They come in handy during and after meals and you can also reuse them when they get soiled after tossing them in the washing machine to clean them up.

Baby clothes

Outfit Ideas for your newborn can be tedious to decide on. Whether it’s DIYs or shopping for baby girl clothes. Baby clothes are a major priority when it comes to babies despite the age. With that said your choice of clothes should be considerate of the changing weather to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Baby’s First Picture Frame

Most if not all parents want to capture the memories of their baby’s journey. It could be their first steps, birthday, words, or even words. A picture frame is one ideal gift to new parents.

Wooden Giraffe Bank

Such a craft can be found in numerous baby shop outlets. The portable bank could be in any form or shape but a wooden giraffe is a great choice for either a boy or a girl and can bring great joy to any child’s room decor. You can even order it customized with the child’s name on the giraffe bank and they will live to remember that priceless gift. The wooden giraffe bank can be used to store coins or notes.

Wooden name puzzle

Name puzzles can be a boost for the baby’s brain and ego as the young ones can practice a puzzle that has the letters of their names. This keeps the baby busy and can be an ideal gift for any child that is learning how to read or write.

Hooded Baby Towel

This is one perfect gift to make bath time cherishable with the hooded towels. There can be a dozen types with different fabrics but they will come in handy after birth in cleaning up the baby as well as keeping them warm. You can choose something classic like an elephant or a lamb hoodie.

Baby Water Mat

You can give tummy time some quick upgrade with a water-filled baby water mat as the baby becomes fascinated floating on water. This is a lot comfier compared to putting the baby on a hard floor.

Baby Moccasins

Infant shoes are considered more decorative than serving their purpose of being functional. Baby moccasins can be fluffy in decorations or in different shapes mimicking animal shapes.

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