How to Put on Eyelashes: For Beginners

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Fake eyelashes are all the rage right now. Whether it is the fake lash strip you glue or individual lashes you attach to your natural lashes, long lashes have proven irresistible. However, if you are a beginner, there might be some hesitation along with the excitement to try false lashes. You have nothing to fear. 

Putting on false lashes is an easy task if you read up on it first and watch tutorials if needed. It’s important to safely apply eyelash extensions as correctly applied false extensions can increase the thickness and length of your natural lashes and give them the desired curl. Such brands like Bella Lashes, Lilac St can help you with their good variation of extensions. Follow the following steps in sequence to quickly put on false eyelashes on those beautiful eyes of yours.

1. Do your Eye Makeup First

Ask any makeup enthusiast, and they would tell you that you need to do your eye makeup before you jump to attaching false eyelashes. There are two reasons behind it. First, you would not be able to comfortably put on eye makeup if you are a beginner. Secondly, eye makeup is done first to have minimal contact with the skin with the lash adhesive. There might be possible skin problems due to the adhesive; hence you should choose a good lash glue

2. Cut your Lashes per your Preference

If you are new to the false lash game, you need to familiarize yourself with customization. Everyone’s preferences are different. And so is everyone’s eye size. False eyelashes come in standard sizes, so you need to cut the excess after measuring it against your eyelid. The excess can be used as an accessory to add extra volume in case you need it later.

3. Apply the Adhesive

Applying the lash adhesive is where the application process begins. Use a fine tip brush to apply the glue close to your lash line. It would be best if you took care that while there should be no space between your lash line and your glue, the adhesive should not stick to your natural lashes. Make sure it is a fine line when you apply it within the line of your eyeliner. 

Next step is to wait for the glue to get sticky before you attach the lashes. If you attach the lashes immediately after putting the glue, there is a chance it would set incorrectly and change position as the glue is runny. Give it a good 15-20 seconds, and then go to the next step.

4. Attach the Lashes

The key to attaching lashes is to start from the outer edge and move on the inner side. Please leave a little space at the inner edge of your eyes; otherwise, it can hamper your vision. Press lightly and use tweezers for better grip if necessary. 

5. Mascara to Blend

Use mascara as the final step to achieve a natural finish. Mascara would ensure that your natural and false lashes stick together. You can use an eyelash curler for a similar effect but refrain if you are not used to crimping your lashes.

While lash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure performed by professionals, you can put on individual lashes on your own. Much like false lashes, they are meant to be removed by the end of the day. Starseed individual lash are worth trying if you are considering switching to individual lashes.

Suppose you are familiar with false eyelashes but are a beginner at putting on individual lashes. In that case, you can follow the following steps to attach individual lashes to your natural ones successfully. 

6. Use Sanitized Tools

An important aspect that should be followed with all your makeup tools is not to forget to sanitize your tools before putting on individual lashes. It reduces the possible chances of infection. In case you drop the tool while you are doing the procedure, sanitize it again before resuming.

7. Mascara First

Unlike false lashes, use mascara first when you are attaching individual lashes. It will separate your lashes and give the glue a better base to stick to. It will also be easier to remove the lashes if you use mascara first. Leaving it for the end might cause the lashes to be clumped. 

8. Let the Glue be Sticky

The process is somehow inverted compared to the application of false lashes, but the basic tenets remain the same. Since you are attaching individual lashes, take glue out on a plastic tray and wait for about 20 seconds, so it gets sticky. It would allow for the fake lashes to immediately stick to the natural ones, and they would hold their position.

9. Tweezers to the Rescue

Use specific tweezers to get a good grip on the fine lashes. Dip one end of the lash or the cluster into the sticky glue and attach them to the base of a natural lash., Ensure that the adhesive is getting attached to the base of your lash and not your eyelid. 

10. Curlers for Finish

Eyelash curlers might seem daunting if you have not used them before. However, to give your lashes the perfect curl and blend them well together, using an eyelash curler is a good option. If you do not want to use a curler, use your thumb and forefinger to press the lashes together. 


Remember a few points while attaching false lashes; tilt your head back without losing your eye. If you feel comfortable with a tweezer, use it to your advantage and choose a lightweight one so that your hands do not tire. Understand that both of these lashes are meant to be removed by the end of the day. Also, sleeping with them attached is a very bad idea. While these are great alternatives to lash extensions, refrain from putting them on every day. It can cause your lashes to weaken and can cause breakage. 

False lashes and individual lashes are indeed a work of art, and you need to have the patience of an artist while you attach them. Nothing is impossible, and following these simple steps would prepare you to put on lashes on your own. Keep these tips in mind, and have fun flaunting your lashes. 

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