Your Luxury Brand Needs An Exceptional Social Strategy

Beverly Hills Magazine Your Luxury Brand Needs An Exceptional Social Strategy


Today, there are about 2.3 billion active social media accounts worldwide, which is almost a third of the total population on the planet! As a business, we will feel lucky to reach even 0.00001% of the total users of the posts we post on social media. Everywhere we look it seems as if completely different brands and companies have understood the doctrine of social media advertising.

Every post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter has plenty of likes and shares. From high-end luxury brands to lesser-known brands, social media is the most vital aspect. For those who are seeking to gain further exposure for their luxury brand, adopting a new strategy may be the only step in 2021.

All social media formats must be mastered, and authentic posts created that seek the intervention or creation of a particular emotion in the audience. The way to do this is by asking questions, creating a link to other posts, bringing insights, or presenting a solution to a particular problem in the audience.

Creating a social media marketing strategy

You may have a general idea of what you want to achieve and how, but without a strategy, you won’t have the pathway to your destination. And what is a goal without a plan if not just a wish? Think of a social media plan as a roadmap for achieving your goals, right – you can stop and see the landmarks along the map, how you will always want to get back to the path that brings you to your destination in the shortest time.

However, be aware that the ‘shortest time’ doesn’t always mean immediate success. It takes a long time to actually build a brand. In the short term, however, you can implement the techniques that lead you onto the path of success. 

How can this challenge be addressed?

Creating a social media marketing strategy plan should not take weeks. Make a list of 3 key principles and questions related to your business. Why are you on social media? Well, just being active on social media channels for the sake of staying there is one of the fastest ways to burn valuable time and resources. You need to know your brand, know who wants to buy your brand, and appeal to them. Any luxury brand will know the prices of their items – who is the clientele? Then you have to answer the question why your business is on social media, and what do you want to achieve?

How do you intend to succeed? The next question is how, the answer to this can be a specific channel, payment for advertising on social media, creating relevant media, or forging relationships with influencing factors on social media.

How do we measure success?

Key metrics and goals you want to achieve are associated with the amount of time you want to achieve each one. Such a form of analysis will allow you to persevere in your daily activities while looking at the big picture in your head. Publishing quality content on a regular basis is important because this is what keeps people returning.

Social media management takes time drastically and can be a full-time job. This is exactly why one of the biggest challenges that need to be overcome is to stay creative and original in the content you provide. It is also why many people use businesses to assist them.

From SEO to website management, it’s important to look at assistance. You may want to look at Unravel SEO for further information. This is exactly why it is important for social media marketers to find little tricks to manage their time and efficiency. 

 Beverly Hills Magazine Social Media Strategy

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How can this challenge be addressed?

Aside from endless wandering and searching for content and ideas in various channels, there are less time-consuming methods that you can use today. Openness and transparency – people like to know that there is a real person behind the profile on the social network, you can respond to this by looking into the company or brand you have created, where you can create a real human interaction.

Original graphics are also important. Buzz creation is also done by adding original and attractive graphics. This process does not take up too much time or resources – and provides an attraction for users. 

Sharing and promoting

Content promotion, creating collaborative relationships with influential brands and people on social media, and attracting audience attention are a new challenge in themselves. Let’s say every person on Facebook has at least 100 friends, and those 100 have an additional 100 who follow them. Even if only 5% of your friends will share your content, it is still exposed to someone. 

Advertising that only includes links to Facebook articles, Instagram quotes, or Twitter links to your articles are examples of good content but may need a creative incentive. It’s important to ‘share’ by getting into the head of your audience, before you post ask yourself “Is this something I will like, respond to, read, or share on social media?” 

Bring valuable content to others. Some of the key ideas in successful content sharing are: tell a great story, make your audience look smart and unique, and create an emotional appeal. Your luxury items should be photographed exceptionally. Photography is what catches people’s eyes and will offer people your audience a snapshot of what you offer. It will reflect your brand’s ‘vibe’. The overall aesthetic is vital.

A common idea in the social media world is that there is a magic trick, which encourages the growth and involvement of the audience. But the truth is that there is a lot of work in creating a community of involved users. Creating engaging and incredible content is what will organically grow your brand.

Know your channels, your audience, and your market from within, and conduct marketing experiments based on learning further. It’s time to create something successful for your business in 2021. 

Peace Adebola
Peace is a freelance content writer who enjoys reading, acquiring knowledge and she loves to code.
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