Tips To Consider To Secure Your Home

Beverly Hills Magazine Securing Your Home in 2021 Tips To Consider


The dynamics of home security solutions have changed. All it took back in the day was installing heavy physical barriers like walls and electric fences and reinforcing that with security personnel. Times have changed, however, and now threats are not just physical, thanks to technology.

So to better shield your home from unexpected burglaries and other forms of breaches, what can you turn to for help? The following are some of the notable smart home security solutions in the market in 2021.

Smart LEDs

The purpose of smart LEDs is to create the impression that you are home since most burglaries are usually planned around the absence of homeowners. These lights can be programmed to switch on and specific times on their own, and at the same time, they can be controlled remotely from anywhere. The best forms of the lights are those that have motion sensors that switch the lights on the moment something or someone steps their foot into the proximity of the house. It would be hard for a burglar to try anything once the lights come on.

Get a Dog

Beverly Hills Magazine Security Dog


People love dogs, and almost every daily around the world has one for a pet. But when it comes to security, there’s a different kind of dog that you may consider going for, the traditional guard dog. These are the biggest dogs in the market, and they are trained to be ferocious when dealing with burglars and unwanted strangers.

Some of the best breeds worth considering are the German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Rottweilers. They are big and fast, and one bark is all it takes to make someone scamper for their dear life. It is a known fact that burglars will always do everything in their power to avoid homes that have dogs.


We are already in the robot age, and it’s only a matter of time before humans turn to robots for security reasons. Some of the biggest players in the robot market, like EVS China robotic arm manufacturer, are exploring ways of creating smart robots that can be used as home guards in place of people and dogs.

Although this level of technological advancement is not yet refined, the fact that people are exploring it as an option is enough proof that sooner or later, we will have robotic guards watching our homes when we are asleep or when we are gone for vacations. It would be impossible for burglars to deal with this level of security.

Secure Locks

 Beverly Hills Magazine Secure Lock


One of the reasons why burglars have become so successful in recent years has little to do with their prowess and more to do with victims making things easier for them. It was found that many homeowners don’t lock their doors at all times; a burglar would simply scroll in, take what they want, and walk away like they own the home. Securing your home with strong and hard-to-pick- locks could be the difference between you losing your valuables and being safe at night. Good locks are not 100% burglar-proof, but they do a lot in delaying their entry, and this can buy you enough time to call for help. There are countless types of locks that you can use, even some that come with alarm systems. Invest in some of them for your own safety.

Keep A Low Profile

You have worked hard for your money, and it is okay to enjoy that by buying yourself all the good things you can afford. However, other people are also watching, especially burglars and thieves. You can buy all the expensive things while keeping a low profile.

The last thing you would want is to attract unnecessary attention to yourself because someone will most probably try to break in once that happens. Thieves can’t help themselves once they figure out that you have valuable items around the house. It is better to keep them guessing than shouting from the top of your roof of all that you have as this will be taken as an invitation by them.

Put up a Fence

In many places around the world, people have made it a cultural habit to set up perimeter fences around their houses. This could be in the form of huge walls, thorny thickets, or electric fences. The purpose of these is to keep unwanted people from breaching the compound, and to some extent, it does keep some burglars out who may see it as too much work having to deal with a high perimeter wall or electric wires.

The disadvantage of this kind of security setup is that it isolates you from your neighbors, but it is a small price to pay if you value the security of your home over anything else.

Security Cameras

Beverly Hills Magazine Security Camera


Security cameras have been used as an anti-burglar deterrent for years, and they continue to come in handy even now. Although they don’t expressly stop a burglar from going into the house, they do get a record of what was happening and can be used later to apprehend the culprit. Modern cameras can now be controlled remotely, which means you can get a notification that a burglary is in progress, giving you ample time to call the police from anywhere in the world. 


Securing your home is important and will never stop because thieves are always trying to break in and get their hands on your valuables. There are many other ways you can ensure that your home is always secure, whether you are in or not. Feel free to check online for some of them, and you are bound to come across something that will work for you.

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