Your Beauty and Your Smile

Your Beauty and Your Smile
Your Beauty and Your Smile

Often the first thing that people notice about you is your smile; that’s why it’s important that you feel confident with your pearly whites.  We live in a world where, sadly, appearance is a big deal. We spend hours exercising each week and always like to ensure that we are eating the healthiest foods, but we often forget about our teeth.

Yes, we clean them every day and go for regular dental checkups, but there are also lots of other things we can do to improve our smiles. We can get rid of stains, crooked teeth can be fixed, and amalgam fillings can be swapped for white ones. There are so many things that we can do to improve our smiles. (Image by Mateus Lunardi Dutra)

To help you add a little sparkle to your smile, we have put together some handy tips:

Boost your vitamin intake

Many people don’t realize it, but the health of your teeth and your general health and beauty are closely linked. If your body is healthy, then your teeth are more likely to be healthy. The key to this is ensuring that you get all the right vitamins and nutrients that your body, and your teeth, need.

To stay healthy, your teeth need lots of vitamin C, as well as a high amount of calcium. Getting enough of these vitamins into your body will help to strengthen your teeth, warding off tooth decay and other oral problems.

Avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth

No one wants stained, yellow teeth – it isn’t an attractive look, and yet we still continue eating and drinking foods that cause stains. Red wine, coffee and tea are the worst culprits – avoiding these things completely, is tricky. However, you can limit the amount of these substances that you consume.

Have your teeth whitened

If your teeth are stained or have become yellow, it’s a good idea to have them whitened. You can do this yourself with a DIY tooth whitening kit, or you can have them professionally whitened.

If you want long lasting results, your best option is to opt to see a cosmetic dentist and have your teeth whitened professionally. It might be pricey, but the results make the cost of the procedure worth it, or you can always use Crest 3D whitening at home trips for fast results too.

Get White Teeth Today!

Get amalgam fillings removed

If you have amalgam fillings, they may affect the look of your smile. If your confidence has been affected by having grey fillings in your mouth, consider having them replaced with composite ones.

If you have mercury fillings, you may be concerned as to whether they can be safely removed. However, with safe mercury removal you can have them removed and replaced. Not only will your smile look more beautiful with white fillings, but your confidence will also increase.

See a hygienist

If you want to ensure that your teeth stay looking good for longer, seeing a hygienist on a regular basis is crucial. A hygienist can remove any stains or marks on your teeth to prevent them from affecting your smile.

To enhance your beauty and improve the look of your smile, all you need to do is follow the tips and advice, above.

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