Sex on the Table with ChefFed

Celebrity Chef: ChefFed
Celebrity Chef: ChefFed

Meet ChefFed, the Celebrity Chef from Food Network’s Chopped, and the man who introduced Kristin Cavallari to the effects of cooking with aphrodisiacs on air will be in Los Angeles cooking up series of 50 exclusive in-home Sex On The Table cooking parties.

Sex on the Table is a lighthearted cooking demo that aims to reconnect food and love, the timeless pairing of senses and sensuality that drives the most basic and beautiful of human existence. With food being the only art form that touches all five senses, ChefFed has created a full circle sensory experience that was voted one of the 10 Coolest Things To Do by Time Out New York.

With his signature blend of bawdry humor – “I can get away with these things because I have an accent…” – patience, and energetic presentation, ChefFed aims to inspire his audience to approach cooking in a lighthearted way –  – just ask Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Daily News, NY Post and many more.

Learn more about ChefFed and his romance with culinary arts.

Sex on the Table

Beverly Hills Magazine: Who or what are your inspirations?

ChefFed: My mother has been the biggest influence and inspiration to me. She is responsible for my relationship with food. She is also a cook and still today we are in competition with one another. She has always been a motivating force behind my success. Who doesn’t want to please their own mother?

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your signature as a chef?

ChefFed: Unlimited creativity is my signature. My diverse background has allowed me to develop a very diverse philosophy in my work. I create outside of the box, and I believe there is such an abundance of flavors and cooking techniques that it is possible to create 21 unique dishes for every meal of the week for a lifetime, and never eat the same dish twice. Even with 13 traditional ways of preparing foods, when you combine the flavors in different ways you can always create something new.

Food Porn

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is the Sex on the Table concept?

ChefFed:  Out of the last 5 dates a person went on, all of them involve some form of dining or food. With Sex on the Table, I am consciously bringing it into our minds that food may somehow bring us love. It also symbolizes the Art of seduction which powerfully triggers all 5 senses at once. Food has the capacity to tap into all of our 5 senses; it is therefore an art form that is truly closest to the art of seduction. Sex on the Table inspires a deeper notion of what food means to our life, if we don’t eat and if we don’t make love, we cease to exist. Food and Love are at the root of our existence.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What do you love about being a chef?

ChefFed:  To me, it doesn’t feel like work. When I’m sourcing and serving my food, I’m always in touch with wonderful people and I have come to believe that I have the best job anyone could ever have.

Sex on the Table Cooking ClassesBeverly Hills Magazine: What are the challenges involved in what you do?

ChefFed: If you want to be successful as a chef you have a constant challenge of creating a memorable experience for each and every customer. You and your art is always in the limelight, so in order to be successful, you have to be a perfectionist. I always critique my work and consider not what was good…But rather, what could be better? I may be happy with what I do, but I always ask a little more from myself on the next dish.

Whether you’re in it to put an apron on and get your hands dirty, or just to pick ChefFed’s very delicious brain, every cooking demonstration ends in a lavish dinner party where you enjoy the aphrodisiac delights that were prepared in your own kitchen. All five of your senses will be engaged with a seductive mix of textures, colors and tantalizing smells and flavors.

You can get ChefFed’s new cookbook Sex on the Table or subscribe to his newsletter online to find out about upcoming appearances and cooking classes in Los Angeles and become a fan on Instagram.


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