Why Reishi Mushroom Capsules are Healthy

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Functional mushrooms are kind of the wonder of the wellness market right now. Health enthusiasts are putting mushrooms in everything from smoothies to coffees to medicine cabinets, with mushroom supplements like amanita capsules becoming especially popular. 

One mushroom that is sprouting up a lot in wellness circles is reishi. Touted as “the king of mushrooms,” reishi has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. 

In TCM, reishi is considered “a divine, spiritual, magic kind of mushroom” that used to be reserved for royalty to extend their life and improve royal health. Today, it’s sometimes called “the mushroom of immortality,” and may promote health and longevity.

Below, we explore why reishi mushroom capsules are healthy.

What Are Reishi Mushroom Capsules?

Reishi mushroom capsules provide one of the easiest and most convenient ways to reap the benefits of reishi. Reishi mushroom pills from VidaCap are a great choice, with VidaCap being a highly reputable and trusted mushroom brand.

Historically, the reishi mushroom was consumed in its raw, natural form, typically brewed into a tea. Today, supplements are the most popular way to consume mushrooms like reishi.

Reishi mushroom capsules are just what they sound like. A potent dose of reishi is infused into a carefully crafted pill. Different companies use different ingredients to make their capsules.

High-quality capsules are made from pullulan, which is certified organic and vegetarian. Cellulose is also vegetarian but is not organic. Cheaper varieties are made from gelatin, an animal protein derived from collagen.

Reishi mushroom capsules are the preferred consumption method for many because capsules are straightforward to use and provide a precise dose of reishi extract.

Why Is Reishi Mushroom Healthy?

Reishi has been revered through the years for supporting longevity, vitality, and healthy immune system responses. 

However, its potential benefits extend well beyond that and include reducing stress, combatting fatigue, promoting mental clarity, supporting liver health, and more.

Reishi is packed with more than 400 nutrients, contributing to its plethora of wellness benefits. This includes beta-glucans and triterpenoids, compounds responsible for many of the health benefits linked to functional mushrooms.

Beta-glucans are a type of polysaccharide famed to be one of the few known substances that can boost the immune system without causing it to overreact. This is just one of their benefits. 

Beta-glucan content varies slightly from mushroom to mushroom, giving each species its own set of benefits supported by the presence of other beneficial compounds. Below, we explore the specific wellness benefits linked to reishi.

Of course, it’s not just the beta-glucan content that makes reishi healthy. As mentioned, reishi is not lacking in therapeutic properties. The mushroom is rich in antioxidants and contains potassium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

What Are the Health Benefits of Reishi Mushroom Capsules?

Now that we know why reishi mushroom is healthy, let’s explore its specific potential health benefits.

Provide Immune Support

Throughout the ages, reishi has been used to boost immunity. This is primarily due to its beta-glucan content. The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reported that research shows that beta-glucans support immune health and function. When animals were administered beta-glucans, specific cells in the immune system became more active.

Antioxidant Properties

Reishi mushrooms contain many antioxidants, which protect the body’s cells against DNA damage caused by free radicals or oxidative stress we come across every day. This includes normal metabolic processes or external sources, like exposure to air pollutants, X-rays, cigarette smoke, and industrial chemicals. By protecting the body against free radicals, antioxidants may reduce the risk of certain diseases, like heart disease and certain cancers.

Alleviating Stress and Fatigue

Reishi mushrooms are adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs or mushrooms that may help the body respond and adapt to various types of stress, whether physical, biological, or chemical. Adaptogens train the body to handle the effects of stress better. As such, adaptogens support the stress response system and energy levels

Support Liver Health

Reishi mushroom capsules also have the potential to support liver health. As reported in one 2013 study, reishi mushroom spores could regenerate liver cells. The study was performed on mice but showed that reishi improved the liver’s ability to excrete toxins from the body. 

Final Thoughts on Reishi Mushroom Capsules for Health

There is no doubt that reishi mushroom capsules boast vast potential health benefits, including supporting immune health, reducing stress, and promoting general health.  

Reishi mushrooms are packed with beneficial compounds, which contribute to their array of therapeutic properties. These extend beyond what we have covered here. However, most research on reishi thus far relates to animal studies. Human studies are needed to determine just how effective reishi is for health. 

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