Which Type Of Flooring Is Ideal For You? Find Out Here

Which Type Of Flooring Is Ideal For You? Find Out HereWhich Type Of Flooring Is Ideal For You? Find Out Here #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #hardwoodflooring #typesofflooring #woodflooring #interiordesign #vinylinstallation

Undoubtedly, the floor is the spaciest surface in your home, and as Pinnacle Management Company advises, making the right investment and picking the best quality floor for your home is definitely the right thing to do. However, there are also some variations and there are different benefits of each type, hence, the criteria that should be taken into consideration are the position of the room and location. Some of the most popular solutions are wood, vinyl, carpet, and tile. Depending on your own preferences, home design, and how your rooms are positioned and oriented, there are some options to choose between. Therefore, here, you can find some of the best flooring types that can fit your home.

Concrete Floor

Concrete floorings became quite a brand lately and they are both practical and have amazing aesthetics. If treated properly, they can have different designs and with coverings such as DiamaPro, your concrete flooring will be properly protected from all damages. On the other hand, this type of flooring is amazing for the parts of your home that have quite busy traffic such as hallways, or entries since this type of floor is quite durable and is less exposed to any damage.

Laminate Floor

Laminate is amongst the most popular options since it is quite affordable and most homeowners prefer laminate over carpets, and they aim to avoid some high-end floorings such as hardwood or tiles. In essence, laminate is made of particleboard wood whose base is covered with patterns of wood or tiles and is protected with an additional plastic layer. Laminate is a project you can undertake on your own since it is very DIY-friendly and there is a whole range of different patterns and designs you can choose amongst. Besides this, there are also a multitude of different textures and colors, so if you are down for some specific requirements, with laminate flooring you are on the safe side.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is an amazing-looking, sophisticated, luxurious, and high-end type of flooring. Just as the very name suggests it is made of hardwood, i.e. contains solid wood in its texture. There are a couple of popular choices when it comes to hardwood floorings such as oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. Depending on your budget, versatility, and quality, hardwood flooring is the preferred flooring for most homeowners or future homeowners. But, just as we said at the very beginning, this is amongst the most expensive options and it demands to be regularly maintained. This includes using special cleaning products made especially for the hardwood flooring and applying a new coat of covering every three to five years depending on the level of porosity for it to look great and fresh.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Just as for any other thing in the world, there is also the alternative to the hardwood flooring giving off almost the same vibe. Engineered wood flooring looks almost the same as the real wood and is much more affordable compared to hardwood flooring. This type of flooring is actually the combination of hardwood bound to some high-quality plywood substrate. It is as durable as hardwood, and if maintained properly it can last for a long period of time. Engineered wood flooring is quite popular among DIYers since it can be installed on your own and therefore saving up for the installation costs.


The best side of the vinyl is the water resistance and it can sustain damage even if water remains on it for some longer period of time. Since this flooring is essentially composed of plastic, it can be available in sheet form, tile, and plank form. There are two types of vinyl that attracted loads of attention lately due to their durability and multitude of styles and these are luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile. Costs of vinyl installation can depend on the form and area being covered.

Stone Flooring

Most people are oriented towards natural materials today, and stone is one of them. Natural stones such as marble, travertine, sandstone, granite, etc. are an amazing choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The benefits of this flooring are numerous and one of the most important features is its durability and the fact that they are waterproof.

Flooring is an essential component of any interior design and has the potential to significantly affect a room. When designing your home, it is more than obvious that flooring is the greatest area to be covered with some good quality materials. So, when making your choices you need to bear in mind that the best choice can be costly but is a long-term investment.

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