Where To Stay The Next Time You’re In Greece 

Beverly Hills Magazine Where to Stay The Next Time You're in Greece 
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Do you plan of visiting Greece on your next vacation but have absolutely no idea where you want to stay or which cities you want to visit? Are you trying to pre plan your holiday before you get to Greece s that you can have a full agenda of everything you want to do, but need to fin the perfect places to stay first?

One of the greatest experiences one can have as a person is travelling. Interacting with different cultures broadens the minds and make you a much more well-rounded person. When travelling, there are so many different things to see and do, and so much that you could miss out on if you don’t do a bit of digging.

If you are looking for a country that is slightly off the beaten path, Greece is a good choice. Greece has an incredibly rich history and a fantastic culture which locals are always happy to share with their visitors. If you were thinking about travelling to Greece, but don’t know where to stay, here are a few of the best places. 

Apocalypsis Villa I, Elia

Elia is a town located in Northern Cyprus where you can find many different places to stay. If you are looking to stay in a villa you may look to the Kind of villas where you can find the Apocolypsis Villa I. offering one of the most magnificent views in all of Elia, this villa is the perfect place to visit if you are here with a large group of people looking to make the most of your stay in Greece.

This villa is a two-story guest house that has approximately 4 bedrooms and can sleep up to ten people, should you have that many people staying with you. The master bedroom opens up onto a beautiful terrace where you can see the most exquisite scenes of the city, and the villa comes along with a fully equipped kitchen making it perfect for self-catering.

The Villa, Grace Santorini

Santorini is known to be one of the most beautiful islands in all of Greece and is by far one of the most popular holiday destinations for those looking to have a relaxing holiday and take in all the beautiful sights. If you are looking to stay in Santorini, you might look at staying at The Villa in Grace Santorini. 

This villa is situated at one of the highest points of the island and lets guests have a view overlooking the island and its picture-perfect setting. Although, fully stocked with modern amenities, this villa follows the traditional white and blue look of the famous island. Here you will find two bedrooms, private spa, jacuzzi, and even a treatment room. 

Villa, Canaves Oia, Santorini

Also located on the beautiful island of Santorini, this villa is for those who prefer to stay in boutique style hotels. The villa is filled with sleep and modern white furniture, soft lighting, and views that could practically be paintings. This villa is ideal for a group of friends of for a family as it has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate roughly 6 people. Here you will also find a fully stocked kitchen where you can either bring home your own haul of groceries or opt to take a cooking class from kitchen the comfort of where you are staying. 

UltraLuxe Villa, Domes of Elounda, Crete

Domes of Elounda is a proud owner of prime real estate with access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country. If you find yourself visiting Greece so that you can lay about on the beaches all day long, this might be the place for you. It’s the perfect sport to find luxury villas on the beach. There you will find the UltraLuxe Villas which have 2 or three bedrooms each and come with fantastic amenities.  If you choose to spend a bit extra and stay in a 3-bedroom villa you will even be spoiled with your own private spa and sauna. 

Mystery Villa, Mystique Hotel, Santorini

Again, going back to one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Santorini, there are so many different places available for you to stay at. Another great place is the mystique Hotel. The Mystery Villa is said to be what the hotel calls their centrepiece. It is filled with hand carved furniture, beautiful modern amenities and even your own personal private infinity pool.

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