What Makes Cuban Chains So Popular?

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When it comes to really rock your own style, accessories can really enhance your own personal style. From hats and scarves to earrings and Cuban chain necklaces, there are the perfect accessories for everyone.

While there are numerous options, we want to turn our attention to Cuban chain necklaces. You may have seen these being rocked by hip-hop artists and celebrities in music videos and red carpet events. This one staple piece of jewelry can elevate a basic white t-shirt to an actual rock star-worthy outfit.

In fact, this blinged-out chain is growing in popularity and has become one of the must-have items for the accessory list.

There are multiple reasons why Cuban chains have become so popular, all of which we will highlight and showcase exactly why this is something you should be looking to add to your unique look.

Defining a Cuban Chain

Look no further than here for those who may not be familiar with a Cuban chain. It is a staple piece of fashionable jewelry designed by interlocking different patterns that can create a variety of thin or thick necklaces or bracelets.

A Cuban chain often rocks a diamond-cut pattern and links gold pieces together for a modern result. Not only is this piece of jewelry durable and can last a very long time, but its robustness allows it to be a timeless piece truly.

Over the years, Cuban chains have evolved in design and popularity, especially with the male population. Giving off a masculine look, a Cuban chain can cap off a range of looks that many men would be going for.

Understanding the History

Cuban chains did not actually originate from Cuba, despite what you may think from the name itself. In fact, many studies indicate that this piece of jewelry dates back to Egyptian culture tens of thousands of years ago. While this type of jewelry existed back with the Pyramids, it was really not until around five decades ago that it started to grow in popularity in mainstream culture.

The boom of Cuban chains was intertwined with the rise of the hip-hop scene. With many artists wanting to create a persona that allured a status of swag, this type of jewelry really helped many get that symbolic status of making it in this music world.

When you look at all the various hip-hop artists that have emerged over the last few decades, the majority have their own unique Cuban chain to top off their unique look—and help them seal their influence and affluence in the musical world.

The likes of Drake, Jay Z, and all Rappers rock the Cuban chains and use them as part of their own signature fashion—rocking it as you would a literal crown.

So it would only be a matter of time before their fans equally want their own Cuban chain.

The Many Benefits of a Cuban Chain

In addition to being able to rock a similar look to your musical icon, there are many reasons why the Cuban chain is so popular. In fact, a growing industry is designing some unique Cuban chains that can match a customer’s unique style and preference.

Here are the top reasons why many people want a Cuban chain.

1. Add a Pendant

The simple look of a Cuban chain makes it look great on many different types of men. But what is equally great about it is that additions like a pendant can really change the entire look of this piece of jewelry.

Many people will opt to add a gold tag or a silver pendant to their Cuban chain or even add a cross for spiritual significance.

2. It is Versatile

Another great reason that so many people love their Cuban chain is its versatility. This means you do not just have to wear it as a necklace. You can also rock it as a bracelet or even as a watch.

There is endless creativity available regarding how to make your Cuban chain unique. Best of all, you can even choose your own color—from gold and silver to white and yellow.

3. It Looks Luxurious

While the Cuban chain gives off the status of being wealthy, successful, and luxurious, they are actually not as expensive as you think. Depending on the brand you purchase from, and how unique you decide to make it, a Cuban chain can come at many different price points.


There are so many reasons why the Cuban chain is becoming more and more popular. So why not add one to your look too?

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