What Is Rehab Really Like for Addicts?

What Is Rehab Really Like for Addicts?
What Is Rehab Really Like for Addicts? #drugaddiction #rehabililtation #drugfree #recovery #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

If you’re considering going to rehab to help yourself take control of and recover from addiction, fear of the unknown can stop you taking the plunge. While making your decision, it’s important to research exactly what the experience would involve and how others have coped, as this will motivate you to take this crucial step towards a happier life. (Image Credit: Лечение Наркомании /Pixabay)


Rehab, or more specifically inpatient rehabilitation isn’t just about forcing you to detox, it is also about helping you to understand why you are an addict, and how to properly deal with these issues rather than turning to intoxicants. You will be taught how to live a healthier lifestyle as this will help you to maintain better mental health, so you will rise early and have a healthy breakfast to start each day.

Next, you will usually take part in some gentle exercise to release endorphins and trigger feelings of relaxation. The majority of your morning will be taken up by group therapy. This is an opportunity for everyone to voice the thoughts and feelings that their treatment is creating, in order to relate to and support each other.


After a healthy lunch, you will have individual therapy sessions which focus on your particular concerns. These can help you to handle the struggles you’re facing as a result of rehabilitation, such as anger and anxiety, as well as helping you to work through the reasons why you became an addict in the first place.

You should take full advantage of the therapists as they are your key to recovery. They will help you to design healthier coping mechanisms for the challenges life can pose, as well as helping to undo any damage that your addiction might have caused so far. After this, you may be able to partake in alternative therapy activities, such as art, music, dance, and equine therapy, as well as learning the practical life skills which you may have overlooked as a result of your addiction.

How You Will Feel

While this schedule is happening, you will be experiencing a variety of different emotions which will challenge you considerably. While you are in rehab, you will not be able to consume any addictive substances which will not only result in difficult withdrawal symptoms, but will also bring back whatever it is you have been trying to mask with them. Some centres will offer medications to ease symptoms, but they will be part of a gradual and total separation from them.

Being in rehab itself also produces a variety of thoughts and feelings for you to deal with, such as anxiety about life outside, whether or not you will be able to handle the process, whether or not the process will work for you, and whether or not you actually want to recover from your addiction.

Your rehabilitation experience will include developing new healthy daily routines, partaking in group and individual therapy sessions, spiritual growth, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms as you detox. You will learn why you are an addict, the problems this creates, and alternative solutions to the issues that caused you to turn to intoxicants. It is a difficult but incredibly worthwhile process. For inspiration, take a look at these stories of celebrities who have battled and overcome addiction.

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