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Range Rover Sport Unleashed

When it comes to Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) there isn’t a bigger name in the car industry than Range Rover. With Gordon Bashford ideas ‘Road Rover’, in 1967 the first Range Rover prototype was built and ever since it has created SUV’s of class and excellence. Style, elegance and power are the keywords that revolve around the Range Rover VIP style cars. The first Range Rover Sport was announced in 2005 with high expectations from the crowd and the SUV did not fail.

The All new Range Rover Sport would be up grabs in the summer of 2013.Many would think why spend $100,000 or even $ 150,000 on a dream car? But those who truly know about the machine’s performance wouldn’t hesitate to drop the cash. Although it is considered to be in the most expensive cars list, it doesn’t fail in providing a luxurious environment. It is a combination of both, the luxury of Rolls Royce and the cachet of finest European Sedans. Moreover, it’s the world’s first SUV with an all-aluminum body. The Model comes in four trims and is at least 700 lbs. Lighter than its previous models.

The luxury exterior and interior design is more clearly shown in the video below.

One of the best things that many SUV lovers enjoy is the Power ON and OFF button. Thumb start the button and the supercharge DOHC 32-valve 5.0L V8 takes control. These dream cars climb way up to 100km/h within 5 seconds and for a luxurious vehicle that’s damn impressive. The eight-speed transmission is a suitably cultured companion, smoothly blurring the rapid shifts if you’re hanging onto gears and spinning up to the redline if it gets the signal from a heavier throttle. The reduced weight and the extra gear rations assist to drop from 0-6- acceleration time for the V8 to 6.5 seconds down from 7.2 seconds. It can travel over 150 Mph and is highly fuel economic. The beast like new model also has a next generation Terrain Response System which means that Range Rover’s auto pilot system will sort things faster than you or me. The dream car will also offer state of the art two business class seats instead of mid row bench seating.

VIP style cars
VIP style cars

The new Range Rover sport offers now 5 cockpit rotatory dials; three fixed rotary dials for the climate control, the capstan-style gear selector that rises out of the walnut console and the Terrain Response selector. For safety precautions there is a driver’s front knee air bag, a cornering brake control, camera at the back side of the car and hill-start/descent control

As history has proven us that these popular VIP style cars are by far the best 4×4 vehicle on the market; Range Rover Sport is one of the ultimate VIP style cars owned by the rich and the famous all over the world. To summarize the SUV is quick, classy and comfortable for all those who can meet the price tag of this expensive car.

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