Underrated Destinations To Visit This Summer

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After what appeared to be a never-ending quarantine, plenty of people are ready to press the play button on their lives. Some opt to start new home projects, ship their vehicle on CarsArrive Auto Relocation, tackle the art of cooking, or visit some destination this summer. 

Travel has become a luxury and a risk for both travelers and residents. However, when following the appropriate CDC guidelines, you have the opportunity to travel as a method to unwind and recharge for the coming season. 

This summer, visit countries that are unlikely to be on anyone’s bucket list. You’ve surely heard of Spain, France, England, Germany, and Russia, but how about an uncommon location? How about a region that you haven’t googled and sparks your curiosity?

The following countries are often overlooked but hold the promise of an exciting vacation you won’t want to miss. 

Choose from destinations in multiple regions that vary in culture, cuisine, weather, peoples, and tourist attractions. 


Infamous for the city Transilvania that gave birth to vampires, the fantastic creatures that still roam pop culture, Romania is a country of rich history. It is filled with medieval towns of distinct architecture ranging from the interwar, communist, modern, and contemporary era styles. 

Visit Europe’s second-largest river Dunabe Delta, lose yourself in Romania’s most popular resort, Mamai, or stop at its largest city, Timisoara. But if you prefer to mix the old with the new, you cannot miss the city of Bucharest. 


Excluding Russia, it’s the largest country in Europe with a complex, nonetheless interesting history. 

Ukraine has a variety of festivals and fairs, most notably, the Atlas Weekend festival, throughout the year. Some tours and excursions go more in-depth about the stark differences between certain festivals where you can visit many of Ukraine’s beautiful locations. 

But there’s more. Ukrainian diet sticks to mushrooms, eggs, pork, chicken, fish, and beef. Popular dishes are a blend of ethnic and racial diversity that reflects the country’s history and progression. 


Probably one of the most underrated destinations on this list, Norway offers gorgeous scenery, magical skies, and the preservation of Viking history. You will have access to Viking history musuems in the capital city of Oslo, home to the Norwegian Royal Family. 

Norway’s fjords, especially Sognefjorden, are deep and extend to multiple areas of the country. Daredevils will fall in love with Trolltunga, the 13-kilometer hike that requires a persistent character and steady feet. 

Its Nothern Lights are perhaps the best destination to sit, relax, and take in the enchanting miracles of nature. After all, how many people can say they had this view from their hotel room?


Let yourself fantasize over the royal palaces in the capital city of Copenhagen. Alternatively, visit Ribe. It’s Denmark’s oldest town where you can learn about Viking culture and stop at the country’s first Christian church. 

At Elsinore, you can visit the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the castle Kronborg. Yet, if arts and crafts are more appealing, try landing on the island of Bornholm or visit Denmark’s second-largest city, Auhrus for music and Viking architecture. ,


Sip red wines, immerse yourself in the country’s beer culture, and mesmerize yourself with the view of active volcanoes. Yes, you read that right. Chile has more than 500 potentially active volcanoes from which experts predict 40 could erupt. 

Chile is a landmark for artists. The Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts and the Chilean Museum of pre-Colombian attract tourists from around the world interested in eyeing its historic galleries. 

Local cuisine includes giant barnacles, razor clams, crab pie, and other traditional dishes to convince you to stay. 


In between Costa Rica and Colombia lies the Central American country of Panama that keeps travelers on their toes. A trip to this delight entails an adventure to natural sights. 

Panama city is the only capital city in the world to have a rainforest, and where sunsets and sunrises set from the same spot. The country uses the dollar as its currency, so tourists from the U.S. could hope in a place headed to Panama without having to exchange their money. 

Be witness to the vastness of the Panama Canal, go to the small town of Boquete, and reserve a room at a hotel in the Pearl Islands. 

To learn the history of folklore and ceramics, you might want to check out the Azuero Peninsula. There you will see the traditional dresses for Panamanian women and encounter the talented individuals behind the pollera costume. 


Fan of stunning landscapes and traveling at an affordable price? Then, Ecuador is the destination for you. 

The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is one of the fifty-six national parks of the country and the habitat of many animals. You’ll be able to view one of the highest biodiverse areas in the world and observe the beautiful sky. 


Not only is Taiwan a place of irresistible food and home to the world’s largest performing arts center, the National Palace Museum, but it also comes at an accessible price. 

Many of the tourist activities are free or cheap. It’s an uncrowded space where you’ll hardly struggle to find delicious meals. Anywhere you are in Taiwan will be covered in green, a real tropical forest where you can join the grand summer events: Dragon Boat Festival and International Balloon Fiesta. 

Are you ready? Summer is here, and these destinations deserve attention. You only need to pack your bags, give your buddy a heads up or travel solo, and arrange the expenses. 

Make your experience unique and inform yourself of the best restaurants, tourist attractions, and activities before your trip. 

Don’t forget to capture the adventure with videos and pictures. They’ll be a reminder of all the fun and memories you made in the summer of 2021. 

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