How to Wear Flat Sandals Like a Fashionista

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Do you wonder what to wear on those hot summer days? When hearing flat sandals many people frown because they associate them with the contradictory look of “sandals and socks”. Sandals have been a summertime staple since the late 80s. They are getting more and more trendy in 2021. It might benefit you to know that the sandals and sock look is one of the best favoured styles of Scandinavian fashionistas. There are hundreds of types of sandals out there but we want to show you the most fashionable ways to wear flat sandals. In this article, we are going to give you the main tips on how to wear flat sandals and how to feel more confident.

If you want comfortable, yet elegant sandals- choose flat sandals. They are a great fashion option when you want to party in a small club in summer. You can combine them with a skirt or dress and look amazing. Don’t worry that you won’t look so elegant because chunky chic is the new sexy. If you combine your outfit well you can achieve a fashionista look!

How to Wear Flat Sandals with Jeans

There are people who believe that combining flat sandals with jeans is scandalous or even a mistake but they are wrong and then wrong some more. Have you seen one of the most recent pictures of Bella Hadid wearing beige flat sandals, jeans and slightly unbuttoned shirt? She looks great with her casual jeans & flats outfit ! Experiment with your style and try blue, black, skinny or mom types of denim. Match your jeans with a white t-shirt and bright coloured flat sandals. If you want to have a more casual look, mom jeans are the perfect option.

How to Wear Flat Sandals with Shorts

Flat sandals and shorts come together like bread and butter. The combination of sandals and shorts comes naturally to you on your family vacation. On hot summer days, this combo is comfortable and effortless while you’re spending the whole day outside. In order to look like a fashionista, always make sure that you are matching the proper flat sandal with the appropriate shorts.

How to Wear Flat Sandals with a Suit

We absolutely love this style. Suits paired with flat sandals are a match made in heaven. You don’t have to be a high-end business woman who likes to dress up everyday to pull off this look. But you do have to be brave enough to try out different combinations in your outfits. This style is smart-casual and it is suitable for every woman who has at least one suit in her wardrobe. When you pair them, choose a suit with a classic colour. Add a printed or dark shirt to match your suit and your look is finished. Elegant and fashionable.

How to Wear Flat Sandals with a Swimsuit

The classical flat sandals look is the one with swimsuits. Many people choose flip flops when they are at the beach or around a pool but flat sandals are a great option too. They look more trendy and stylish, just check out your favourite Insta influencer and see for yourself. Flat sandals will provide more comfort and stability on your foot as well. Also, flat sandals are great for these occasions because you can easily transition from the beach to the bar without thinking about your shoes.

How to Wear Flat Sandals with Socks

Many people will deny the concept of sandals and socks, but the fashion world has taken comfort in matching a pair of socks with sandals. Luxury designers showcase their models’ pairings taking advantage of this trend and proving that this combination can look good. Fashion houses all over the world are stepping into this trend and it will not go away that easy. But beware not all sandals and socks go together. You shouldn’t wear gym socks with your flat sandals. Unless, you are simply messing around. If you want to look good use the same colour coordination between your socks and sandals. The ideal sandals to wear with socks are those made of leather. The brand Flattered has an amazing collection and you can check them out.

Flat sandals are stylish, comfortable and every woman should have at least one pair in her wardrobe. They can add a fashionista look to your outfit only if you pair them the right way. Always combine your colours carefully, think about every detail of your outfit and you will shine like a star in your elegant flat sandals.

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