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Recovering From A Tummy Tuck: Top Tips To Help You Heal Faster
Recovering From A Tummy Tuck: Top Tips To Help You Heal Faster

So you have decided to have some plastic surgery work done, a tummy tuck to be precise, and now you are thinking about your recovery. You may not have had your procedure yet, but you know that the recovery can take a while, so you want to be prepared.

Whether you have a job to get back to or a family to take care of, it’s natural that you want to make your recovery as quick as possible. That’s where we come in, to help you speed up your recovery we have put together some handy tips below. (Image Credit)

Take the medicine you are given

You might not want to take all the medication you are given after your plastic surgery beauty procedure, no one likes feeling out of it, but it is given to you for a reason. If you don’t take your painkillers when you are advised to, you will end up being in terrible pain, which won’t help your recovery.

Did you know that pain can interfere with healing? If your body is in pain you will be unable to relax or sleep and so, will take longer to heal. That’s why it’s so important that you ensure that you take your pain medication on time.

Get lots of rest

You might be itching to get back on your feet, but the key to healing is getting lots of rest. So whether you have undergone a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck, ensure that you are getting enough rest.

When you are sleeping, prop your head and shoulders up with pillows so that they are elevated. Your plastic surgeon should tell you how long you need to do this for, but most surgeons recommend sleeping like this for two weeks.

While you might be bed bound for the first couple of days, once you feel up to it, there is nothing saying you can’t relax on the couch. You will feel much better about yourself if you get dressed and get out of bed, instead of lounging around in your pajamas.

Walk every day

After your procedure, you will be encouraged to do a small amount of walking each day, make sure that you do this. It might be painful at first, but walking will help to reduce the chance of a blood clot occurring and will help to reduce any swelling.

Plus, by walking around each day, you will begin to rebuild any muscles that were damaged during the procedure. While walking is good for your body, it’s important not to do too much, especially in the first couple of days after your tummy tuck procedure.

Drink lots of water

The pain medications and antibiotics you will be on can lead to constipation, so it’s important that you drink lots of water.

Aim to drink at least three liters of water each day, as this will prevent you from becoming constipated. If you aren’t a fan of water, adding a small amount of fruit cordial to the water is also fine.

Recovering from a tummy tuck can be a long process, however, there are lots of simple ways you can speed your healing up.

The main things to remember are that getting enough rest is crucial, as is taking your medication and drinking lots of water. Follow the tips in this guide and you will be up and about and back to your old self in no time.


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