Destination Beverly Hills

Destination Beverly Hills
Destination Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Television has recently released Destination Beverly Hills, a series of 10 online promotional videos commissioned by the Centennial Documentary Committee led by Dick Rosenzweig and Karla Gordy-Bristol. Running from 8-15 minutes in length, each one focuses on a different element of the City, exhibiting the unique history, businesses, culture and community that give Beverly Hills its one-of-a-kind character.

The videos “Stay,” “Shop!” and “Eat,” explore the first-class hotels, boutiques and restaurants that attract visitors from all corners of the world, while “The Future in Our Past” looks at the City’s architectural landmarks and preservation efforts.

Other videos show that, despite its iconic status, Beverly Hills has an intimate side as well. In “It’s All About Community”, residents and local leaders talk about the City’s small-town atmosphere and sense of community, and “The Norman Conquest” highlights the unique opportunities available to students in enrolled in BHUSD public schools.

To see all 10 videos, visit Beverly Hills Television’s Vimeo channel at

Jacqueline Maddison
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