DNA Renewal Beauty Products

Best Celebrity Beauty Products
Best Celebrity Beauty Products

Skin possesses natural mechanisms for renewal, repair, and protection, why not take advantage of that? Environmental stress, photo damage, and the natural aging process cause a decline in the skin’s ability to defend itself diminishing the youthful beauty we all desire to maintain. With age, skin cell turnover slows down dramatically, cellular repair becomes deficient, and the dermal matrix weakens. (Image by Sylvain Gaboury / PRPhotos.com)

The natural protection of Epidermal Growth factor (EGFF) and DNA Repair Enzymes is compromised, contributing to some of the more obvious aging effects such as:

  • * dryness
  • *dullness in tone
  • *discoloration and age spots
  • *fine lines and wrinkles
  • *overall loss of radiance and resiliency

Active DNA Repair Enzymes in Dr. Moy’s DNAEGF protocol support the proliferation of fresh and young skin cells and encourage the recognition and elimination of DNA damage. A trio of powerful enzymes is engineered from marine and botanical sources. As seen in the Skin Cancer Foundation Journal, DNA Repair Enzymes play a prominent role in repairing sun damage thereby helping to prevent skin cancer. Barley Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)-Dissatisfied with traditional forms of epidermal growth factor, which are unstable and quickly lose their effectiveness, Dr. Moy researched worldwide sources for a more stable and potent form of EGF.

Best Celebrity Beauty ProductsDr. Ron Moy, creator of these world renowned beauty products, found a state-of-the-art biotech firm that had discovered a unique strain of the barley plant, which was the basis for an epidermal growth factor that provides powerful skin regeneration results. Dr. Moy was so impressed with the stability and effectiveness of the bio-advanced EGF that he immediately began formulating with the remarkable ingredient as the core component to targeting skin aging in his product line.

 The Epidermal Growth Factor used in DNAEGF Renewal products is the first and only animal-free, non-bacterial Epidermal Growth Factor, offering superior integrity, quality, stability, and potency. The result is an exceptional line of products that help STIMULATE,REPAIR and DEFEND cellular DNA damage. There is nothing else on the market that even comes close.

Dr. Ron Moy
Dr. Ron Moy

Founder and creator, Dr.Ronald Moy, spearheads a thriving dermatology and cosmetic surgery practice on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. He is a renowned Scientist, Researcher, Dermatologist, and Cosmetic Surgeon, with a distinguished career encompassing more than 25 years and tens of thousands of patients. He believes skin is compelled to act younger with the support of two scientific breakthroughs: DNA Repair Enzymes-Enzymes that can absorb deep enough into the skin to repair damaged DNA, collagen and elastin.

Repair the past, Protect the future.

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