Top Tips for Practicing Self-Care

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Life can get extremely busy to the point that we often neglect what we need to learn practicing self-care is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. This is not to be confused with self-indulgence; instead, understand that sometimes it’s crucial to put yourself first for the sake of your health and your ability to fulfil daily responsibilities. Neglecting self-care could leave you at risk of poor health or even total burnout.

Self-care is all about taking certain steps in the interests of both your mental and physical health. Here are some of the best ways to practice self-care:

·        Find your inner purpose

Are you in a job that you hate? Or, perhaps you’re near retirement age and looking for ways to fill your time. Self-care isn’t just about taking time out for relaxation – it’s understanding what satisfies your inner purpose. We have limited time on this earth, so it’s important to find what makes your heart sing. If you don’t feel as though you have a sense of fulfilment with your current lifestyle, now’s the time to make a change.

·        Treat yourself

How often do you treat yourself? Parents or carers very rarely take the time to treat themselves due to the mountain of other responsibilities on their plates. If you’re someone who constantly puts others first, why not make the pledge to treat yourself once a month as a reward for your hard work? This could be as simple as monthly chocolate subscriptions or even a well-deserved spa break to unwind. You deserve to feel good too.

·        Taking care of your body and mind

It’s important to take care of your physical health if you wish for your body to perform to its optimum potential. The body and mind are strongly interlinked; therefore, failing to stay physically healthy can have an impact on your mindset. Some of the most important factors for taking care of your body include:

Alongside your physical wellbeing, it’s also important to understand how to take care of your mental health. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family when you’re going through a tough time, or even seek the help of a counselor if you require strategies to cope with your situation. There are also activities you can pursue at home, including mediation and mindfulness techniques.

·        Make time to socialize

Humans are social creatures that are wired to communicate with others to flourish and survive. Without much social interaction, loneliness may set in, which can be detrimental to both our physical and mental health. Learning to say ‘no’ (whether it be saying no to taking on overtime at work or running extra errands) to give you the free time to see friends and family will work wonders for your mind.

Practicing self-care should never be overlooked. By challenging yourself to take the above tips into consideration, you’re sure to see an improvement in your general health and wellbeing.

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