Top Hair Regrowth Treatments For Women

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One of the most frustrating and unpleasant struggles for a woman is losing hair without understanding the reason behind it. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to hair loss in women. Most of these factors are treatable and there are many ways to encourage healthy hair regrowth. Here are the top treatments for women to encourage hair regrowth.

Light Therapy

Light therapy has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of hair loss. However, light therapy on its own doesn’t do much. Pairing low-level light with other hair loss treatments can amplify the effects of the treatment. Positive trial results have been published on the effect of low-level light with 5% minoxidil, but there hasn’t been much research to support these results.

Hair Loss Products

Many hair products can treat hair loss problems for women. Many women can agree that this is a no-brainer, but not all hair loss products actually work. Most, if not all drug-store hair loss products are not actually that effective. You might want to invest your money in some high-end products that will actually help restore your hair, and there are many top industry choices to choose from. According to a Hers hair regrowth treatment products review, it’s important that you stick to products that are FDA approved and are specifically made to combat hair loss. It is best to read through product reviews yourself in order to pick out the product that best caters to your specific needs. Hers is one of the brands that are mentioned often; it is spoken of as a highly effective product provider. If their minoxidil doesn’t work for you, you can try a rogaine alternative. It is best to find out if the reason behind your hair loss can be treated using either of these products before purchasing and committing yourself to anything. You need to beware of allergies from any ingredients in any product and make sure to always run a patch test first to avoid any severe allergic reaction.

Hormone Therapy

One of the reasons behind hair loss is hormonal imbalance due to a variety of factors, like menopause. While this might sound serious, it is not untreatable. Hormone therapy involves the use of hormones in medical treatment where there is an imbalance. Hormone levels can get back to normal by the use of birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy for estrogen or progesterone. However, this treatment should only be undertaken with your doctor’s approval and prescription. There can be reasons for hormonal imbalance that leads to hair loss that doesn’t require any sort of hormonal therapy. Some medications can cause hormonal imbalance, and you can treat this imbalance by eliminating the intake of that medication.


The easiest way to treat hair loss is to start taking vitamins as supplements, like hair, nail, and skin vitamins. This will prevent your hair from thinning and breaking and will encourage healthy hair growth. To encourage thick and healthy hair growth, you will need supplements that have different vitamins and some other crucial minerals. Iron and zinc are two primary nutrients that will enhance your hair growth and health.

Hair Transplant

A lot of women are struggling with hair problems. If you are facing the same then you have a great solution as a hair treatment for women. This treatment is not very common as it is a bit more costly than other treatments, which isn’t feasible for everyone. It is, however, a very effective treatment. When other treatments like supplements and hair products fail, most of the time doctors recommend hair transplantation. This transplant process is simply replacing a few pieces from the scalp to the area of baldness to let the hair grow there. However, this might not work on most women since women mainly face overall thinning, as opposed to shedding in a single area as it is with men.

Nutritious Diet

Depending on your case, you can avoid having to go through any processes or treatments by adopting a nutritious diet plan. To have a meal or a full diet plan that your hair can benefit from, you need to consume a sufficient amount of nutrients that promote hair growth. Eat foods that are rich in iron, zinc and vitamins. Try to eat vegetables and fruits daily as well as  fish at least once a week.

Having an overall poor nutritional diet might be the reason behind your hair loss and  inability to grow new hair. You need to keep in mind that your mental health has an impact on your body too. Thus, increased stress, for example, may very well be the reason why you’re losing hair. Make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any medications or supplements. If the nutrients in your blood are within normal range, then that might not be the reason you’re losing hair and you can look into other treatments. Although doctors can be of great help, hair salon certified experts can surely help you get your hair back to where it was.

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