The Different Types Of Men’s Underwear

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Men’s underwear has come a long way since it first became available. From the ancient Egyptian loincloth to our current day boxer briefs, men wouldn’t be able to function without them. The modern man can now choose from soft, breathable fabrics that are more comfortable and less binding while maintaining support to something more provocative. But what kind of underwear is the right fit for your man? There are many different types out there for every occasion and need! Here are a few different types of underwear for men and how to choose one.

1) Boxers

Boxers are a classic choice due to their comfort and breathable nature. They are the most popular type of underwear for men and come in a variety of fabrics. The most popular types are 100% cotton and microfiber, but boxers are also made of silk, satin, and polyester. These tend to be the cheapest and most widely available, but also typically offer little in terms of support or breathability. They typically have a loose fit allowing for optimal airflow, as well as providing the feeling of freedom throughout the day. Boxers are great for everyday wear or for lounging around the house.

2) Briefs And Trunks

Briefs are a close second when it comes to types of men’s underwear. They offer more support and typically less freedom, which makes them the preferred choice for most athletes and active people. These allow moisture to wick away from the skin and also provide a secure fit that won’t shift throughout the day. The downside is that they can be less breathable, but some have mesh panels that increase airflow.

Trunks are basically briefs with shorter legs, which typically come to just below the hips. They offer a little more freedom than briefs do, but they still give you great support and a close fit. They typically have a contoured pouch and an elastic band around the legs to help with support and to prevent riding up. These tend to be similar in design and comfort level as briefs. Trunks are also great for everyday wear or for active men who spend most of their day on their feet.

3) Jocks

Jocks have a wide waistband and a contoured pouch, similar to briefs or trunks, but they also come with two straps in the front for additional support. They are a relatively new type of underwear for men that is gaining popularity, especially athletes. Jocks are becoming more and more popular because they look good under many styles of men’s clothing, from casual to dressier. The only downside is that they typically give less support because of the two straps in the back. Also, many men complain about chafing and discomfort around the leg straps.

4) Bikini

Bikini styles are very similar to boy shorts, but they tend to cover less in the back. They also have thinner legs with an elastic band around the top in order to prevent them from riding up. This type of underwear for men is typically low in support due to the thin fabric and slender design. However, many bikini-style trunks will offer built-in pouches for additional support. Bikini styles are great for active men who want less leg coverage.

5) Thong

Thongs are a type of men’s underwear that is basically just a very thin strip in the back. They typically have an extremely low-cut design and come with two straps in the front for support. Thongs are great for wearing under tight clothes because you can’t see them through clothing, but they lack freedom and airflow.

6) String

Strings are similar to thong underwear, but they are even skimpier and typically come with just one strap in the back. They will generally expose more of your skin than thongs or bikini styles. Finally, these types of underwear for men are also great for wearing under tight clothes but do still lack freedom and airflow.

There is a variety of men’s underwear to choose from. The different types of men’s underwear are often categorized by their level of support. Those who need more support may want to choose briefs, boxer briefs, or trunks. On the other hand, if someone wants more exposure, they can choose jocks, bikinis, thongs, or string underwear. What a man will choose for himself will also depend on the occasion for which he plans to wear underwear. Different types of underwear are suitable for everyday use, casual wear, sports, or tight clothing. If you didn’t know how to decide on the right type, we hope the article was helpful.

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