Top 2 Beauty Procedures To Save More Time

Top 2 Beauty Procedures To Save More Time #beauty #beautiful #bevhillsmag #eyebrows #microblading
Top 2 Beauty Procedures To Save More Time #beauty #beautiful #bevhillsmag #eyebrows #microblading

Some daily beauty routines are good for us, while others are just downright bothersome. When it comes to repeatable daily actions, it’s no wonder that so many people look for creative ways to streamline their days. But with the right choices, you can take shortcuts without making big compromises. With that in mind, here are 2 long-term time savings solutions for these common beauty routines: ( Image Credit: Анастасия Гепп/Pixabay)

Eyebrows: The Beauty of Microblading

There are many people who aren’t comfortable with their eyebrow appearance, and this is often due to a lack of hair and/or shape. Well-groomed eyebrows are trendy, and they make people feel good about their face. This added level of confidence can easily segway into other areas of life. Instead of using makeup each time to “draw” your eyebrows, you can partake in microblading services—a cosmetic temporary tattoo procedure. This semi-permanent process involves the use sever fine-point needles, rather than a tattoo gun.

The eyebrow artist will create a custom color that matches your eyebrows, and show you how your brows would look after the procedure to ensure you’re happy with the appearance. You’ll start with an initial consultation, where you’ll discuss what your eyebrow goals are and what you can expect from the process, and then the beauty artist will outline the shape they’ll work within to achieve those goals. Though the process can be intimidating (as it’s relatively new), if you do your research and choose one of the best microblading services, you can expect a good turnout.

Putting on Glasses and Contacts: LASIK

For those who are tasked with putting on and taking off glasses and contacts everyday, it’s not uncommon to become frustrated by the routine. This is especially true considering the costs of contacts, dealing with broken glasses, or losing one of these precious day-to-day must-haves. To eliminate these issues, many people have turned to LASIK, a vision correction procedure.

“It’s important to understand that LASIK is a great option for most people who don’t have underlying issues with their eyes,” says Excel Eye, a company that offers LASIK in Los Angeles. “There’s also a common misconception that LASIK will be painful—in the vast majority of cases, the eyes may be slightly irritated for a few hours upon completion, but the pain levels don’t go beyond that.”

Begin your LASIK journey by searching for local surgeons with great reviews. From there, it’s best to visit at least two for a consultation to determine which works better for you. Although the procedure is painless (the eyes are numbed with drops), being comfortable and treated well throughout are pivotal to a great experience.

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