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Here is our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! Yes, finally it’s that wonderful time of year when we get to be joyful and jolly plus shop for our loved ones! We have found some of this year’s most adorable and cool gifts for your friends and family that they will love. It’s time to make your list, and check it twice…and add these to it!


This is a unique style of backpack that will set you apart form the rest. Perfect for School Safety, Concerts, Marches, Sporting Events, Festivals, and Work (Airport and Stadium Employees, Correctional Officers, Corrections Facilities, and more).  You’ll find many uses for this Large Clear Backpack to fit your lifestyle.

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On stage or off stage, these in style sunglasses are a nod to all music superstars.  Created for people confidence. That’s right! All of you with larger-than-life personalities and unabashed attitudes, these narrow cat-eyed shades with acetate underlay and sharp angles offers an edgy look for the fierce individual whose personal style says it all. BUY NOW!!!

2019 Holiday Gift Guide #holiday #giftguide #gifts #christmas #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine


LEONARDO BY LEONARDO’s resplendent pages in this masterpiece book includes hundreds of images, featuring a gallery of the master’s twenty-seven existing paintings along with extensive details and preparatory drawings that formed the basis of his masterpieces. Kemp’s narrative is accompanied by extensive written reflections by Leonardo and his contemporaries. Kemp takes us on a journey inside Leonardo’s eye, mind and spirit that enables us to see his genius in a new light.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide #holiday #giftguide #gifts #christmas #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine


Available in 4 adorable prints, just in time for all of your holiday festivities! These CROSBY by Mollie Burch custom beauties make a great gift and add a pop of fun to every outfit this season. Whether your vibe is vintage-inspired or super-contemporary, a chic headband adds to the aesthetic you’re after to create a totally cohesive look. Best part yet? The Holly Headband is only $38, so you can get one for everyone on your holiday gift list this season!


These cool shades are where sport versatility meets tech luxury. With powerful protection these shades over style and performance. These sunglasses are polarized and eliminate blue light. They are the only sunglasses that use NASA-certified technology. These are perfect for every man in your life who leads an active lifestyle.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide #holiday #giftguide #gifts #christmas #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine


Inspire your loved ones to go green with their beauty routine by filling their stockings or kicking off the New Year with the naturally nontoxic skincare creations from Earth Love Cosmetics. This line of affordable, small batch products is crafted solely from earth-derived ingredients and packaged in biodegradable and reusable containers for glowing results that are good for the planet and your body!

2019 Holiday Gift Guide #holiday #giftguide #gifts #christmas #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine


Australian sleepwear brand, Papinelle, is offering personalization on all your favorite sleepwear pieces. They offer variety of silhouettes and fabrics for their personalization pieces including robes, PJ sets, nightshirts and pillowcases. The fabric options include 100% pure silk, cotton, waffle weave textures and more. It’s the perfect gift for the holiday season.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide #holiday #giftguide #gifts #christmas #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine


The Happy Planner is a customizable planner system packed with happy inspiration and eye-catching designs. The thoughtfully crafted planners, stickers and accessories combine creativity and organization, with the ability to interchange covers, dividers, layouts and more for a truly personalized system.


These shades are super cool and worn by celebrities all over the world. It’s no wonder it’s on our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! With duo-tone lenses this gift is perfect for your friends or family members who love to make a fashion statement.

2019 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE #gifts #israel #hair #beauty #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazineMY ISRAEL’S MIRACLE

My Israel’s Miracle is a faith based beauty line that is made with 7 Biblical ingredients from the Holy Land in Israel. The are bringing the healing powers Israel has to offer to every product while also being cruelty-free.

2019 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE #gifts #israel #hair #beauty #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine


Working with the body for over 20 years, Ildi Pekar has focused her craft on all the manifestations of cellular damage and accelerated aging that are skin deep, providing her clients with measurable results in both their visual appearance and their overall sense of well-being. This luxurious self care treat hydrates and rejuvenates the skin, while you are relaxing. Use a sheet mask once a week. Place it on your face after using the toner, and leave on your skin for about 10-15 minutes. After you removed the sheet, seal in the nourishing ingredients with the Glowing Honey Moisturizer. Get this Essential Self-Care Pouch that your loved ones will adore!


Brighten your holiday look with truly glowing skin or adorn a loved one’s stocking with Lumene’s Invisible Illumination featuring four weightless, water based formulas enriched with Nordic skincare ingredients. Invisible Illumination redefines skincare-infused makeup for a more brilliant skincare regime.

BodyGlide Gift #workout #exercise #bevhillsmag BODY GLIDE

Body Glide Body Balm is a glide-easy balm that protects skin from chafing by creating an invisible barrier on the skin. The balm does not leave any grease or mess – and is completely stain-free, leaving no mark on clothes and shoes.

Body Glide has a range of specially formulated anti-chafing balms, providing a solution that delivers all day comfort. It is specially formulated to roll on the skin and provide a barrier to stop chafing and blisters before they begin. The balms are sweat and water resistant – keeping pores clog-free by allowing sweat to escape and letting the skin breathe.

SoapStandle #cool #gifts #giftideas #bevhillsmag SOAPSTANDLE

SoapStandle is a clever, small, and inconspicuous standle that sinks its “teeth” right into any size or type of bar soap. This appliance elevates the soap allowing air to circulate around the bar for it to properly dry, putting an end to soap goo and messy sinks.

Not only does its rigid grip prevent the goo, it also makes bar soap non-slip and extends the life of bar soap by 30 percent, saving you money every shopping trip. Made of only 3g of recyclable material, SoapStandle is reusable, eco-friendly, and just right to be your little green sidekick.

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