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The significance of one’s Hebrew name has to be understood in a historical and spiritual context, not merely an intellectual one. It is based on the idea that the language of the Celestial Court is eternally Hebrew. In the 7th century, Jewish Mystics would preside over a custom in which a Jewish child, using the first letter of his name and last letter of his Hebrew name, picks a specific verse of the Holy Bible. The verse is recited immediately following the Shemoneh Esreh, or the Amidah, the main prayer of the Jewish worship service.  The Messiah, Jesus Christ, uses the Hebrew names of the dead when calling them to arise.

Transcending Your Name and Embracing Your Identity

Your name takes on a completely reinvigorated Identity when you begin to understand its Hebrew origins. You begin to embrace your inner nature, the depths of your very soul. When you learn the Hebrew language, you begin to understand the meaning of each name, soaking in its rich cultural history.

For instance, the name “Avidan” means little to the uninitiated and sounds like just about any other name from the same region. However, a Hebrew speaker would immediately understand its significance; “Avi” translates to “my father, while “dan” is the present tense of “judge”. When put together, it means “my father judges”. Thus, it instantly reminds us of our need to be humble before the divine presence and to constantly remember our roots.

Learning and understanding Hebrew in an actively philosophical way helps us reconnect with our Jewish heritage, and one can choose from a wide variety of wise and meaningful names when handing down the tradition to the next generation. There are so many wonderful stories embedded in these names, and even when the sound of each one is uttered, it opens up a whole world of divine knowledge. By practicing the language in a profound way, you invite Jewish-Israeli culture into your home, divine wisdom into your heart, and reclaim the transcendental intelligence which makes up your DNA.

The Unsung Virtues of Hebrew Name Necklaces

Aside from the obvious truth that we like seeing our names displayed on material objects, we also take pride in what it means, take ownership of our core values, beliefs, views, and our true inner selves. From bracelets to the inner parts of rings to necklaces, an appearance of one’s name on a piece of Jewelry can turn outer charm into inner beauty, radiance, and depth. It adds a personal touch to a work of art, a wonderful sense of ownership on a necklace transformed into a thing of pure beauty.

Hebrew name necklaces are the perfect addition to your ensemble. You can wear them on a variety of occasions. Be it a Bar Mitzvah, your special birthday celebration, a wedding party, your anniversary, or a special occasion for your loved one, you can proudly carry your Jewish heritage with you.

Unique, With a Style That is Eternal

Considering most name necklaces display English alphabets, one that comes from Jewish culture carrying a Hebrew name would really stand out on any occasion. You truly feel closer to your culture, irrespective of which region of the world you might currently reside in. It is a proud display of your heritage, a deep-rooted and profound religion, and who knows, it could even bring you closer to your Jewish brothers and sisters in your own area!

The word “tzniut” translates to Modesty, a virtue that is very essential to Jewish culture. Jewish people believe in being humble before divinity. Jewish women can remain modest while embracing their god-given beauty, with their sense of style and fashion intact. They can make their necklaces their own in more ways than one; name aside, even the styles and designs can be customized to enhance their features.

A Name with Character

Wearing a Hebrew name necklace may improve one’s self-esteem, because it helps them develop their identity, understand it in a profound way, and engage with society in a meaningful way, with their Jewish roots firmly in place. The idea of “modesty” can be interpreted in a manner that makes sense in the current social context of the world, where people are now closer together than ever before, and a woman is truly liberated and independent. Humility is a mark of one’s character, it reflects her openness, and there is no better way to carry humility than to wear a Hebrew name necklace. A name is brought to life by the character of the person who owns it, and her style is transformed into something irreplaceable, a magnificent appearance.

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